I cannot tire of saying this – if you’re in Brussels, you must go to Delirium Cafe. There’s never a dearth of beers in Brussels.  Or in Bruges, for that matter.

August 2014 brought me to Brussels for the second time and I couldn’t help but visit the Cantillon Brewery, Brussels’ oldest brewery, to sample their lambic and krieks and get a tour of their manufacturing process.

Here’s some dope on the Cantillon Brewery and a bunch of interesting things to do in Brussels.

2014 also took me to Freiburg to see a friend and we spent an afternoon drinking beers, first at the biergarten atop Schlossberg and then at SchlappenRead about my time in Freiburg here.

But who ever said drinking beer stopped at a brewery or a bar? You can be like me – collect crowns, obsessively peel labels and make beer books and coffee tables!

You’ll find more on beers, travel and food that has beer here.


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