About Me

siwa_squareI grew up in Pune (India) in the eighties and the nineties and spent most of my childhood gorging on a variety of stuff my mum cooked. As someone who had only seen her cook and knew nothing more than making an Indian-style masala omelette, it’s a wonder I learnt how to cook on my own (okay, no, with ample help from the internet), when I moved to North Carolina, USA in 2008.

The only reason I started baking was because my apartment at grad school came with an oven combined with the cooking range. It started with cookies for fellow grad students and has now become a series of experiments with breads, meringues, curries and cakes.

The travel bug bit me around the same time too, where I was saving enough money to take a small holiday every year. My first big holiday was to Egypt in 2010, when a cousin paid for my tickets. Since then, I try and take a big holiday every couple of years and document it on the blog.

I moved back to India in 2011 and back home, and my kitchen experiments took a back seat because mum’s the boss around the house. But then I moved to Bangalore in 2013 and things have only gotten better since.

As of 2017, I’m back in Pune – husband and two cats in tow. We’ve been cooking more than ever, after a lull in 2015 and 2016.

I try my best to update this space with unconventional recipes, experiences across the world  and anecdotes. Do follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you want to know what I cook, how I indulge my newly acquired terrace space and where I’m headed for my next holiday. I also run two tumblr blogs – Walkiepedia (where I’m trying to build walks that people can take as locals in whatever city they’re in) and Keema Pav (a collection of reblogged food-p0rn and interesting food articles from the interweb).

You can also get in touch with me by using the contact form on the website.