Tender Coconut Pudding

Tender Coconut Pudding
Tender Coconut Pudding

Remember my dessert disaster from the first Cookbook potluck I’d organized a few weeks ago? I was so upset with the aftertaste on the pudding, that I knew I wanted to make it again the right way. And so I did.

Here’s what went wrong the first time around, and what I did differently when I tried the recipe again.

  1. The recipe calls for dissolving the gelatin in warm milk. The first time around, I thought the gelatin could do with a little more dissolving/melting, but I didn’t want to add more milk to the mixture, lest I lessen the flavour of the tender coconut. So, I added coconut water to the milk + gelatin mixture and microwaved that for about 30 seconds. That’s what ruined it. I suspect the coconut water began to ferment and lent a weird aftertaste to the finished pudding.
  2. The second time around, I didn’t fret about the gelatin not dissolving all the way in the milk. I strained it and used it in the condensed milk + coconut water + tender coconut bits mixture as is. What I ended up with was the creamiest, yummiest, tender-coconut-iest pudding ever! You know how too much gelatin can end up making the finished product a little shiny and jiggly? That’s not how this was. All of the creaminess was still intact, and that just made me utterly happy.
  3. It’s worth playing around with the quantities of coconut water and condensed milk because the latter can make the final result too sweet for some. I think my second attempt was perfect and my diabetic grandmum-in-law ate a whole serving by herself. But my grandmum (who isn’t diabetic, but has a sweet tooth) complained that it was too sweet for her liking. I think I need to change my target audience.
Tender Coconut Pudding




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