Savoury Crêpes

This past year has had its ups and downs. The downs have mostly been around lifestyle changes since my in-laws moved to Bangalore from Dubai and me living with them after my wedding.

Suraj and I used to quite enjoy weekend brunches when we lived in our matchbox 1 BHK. I cooked through the week. And we spent Saturday mornings cleaning, doing laundry, buying groceries for the week and usually got back home around 1, post which we’d open a beer perhaps and settle down in front of the TV, after a quick cook. Saturday nights were Suraj’s time alone in the kitchen, for the most part, where he’d try grilling pork or beef. Or make me some fish. Sunday brunches were a little more elaborate – poached eggs sometimes, a quiche another time.

Since June last year, we slipped into a roti-sabzi-dal-chawal routine because that’s what his parents prefer. I don’t have very much freedom in the kitchen any more, except for weekend afternoon baking and the occasional weekend dinner. But when I do get the chance to cook just for him and me, I go all out! Just like the good old days.

The in-laws were invited to lunch Sunday afternoon, and we decided to make crêpes because it was just us.


I used a recipe from The Kitchn for the crêpe batter and filled them with a variety of things. I followed the recipe to the tee with great results.

Mr. Husband thoroughly appreciated the crêpes and our dinner plan changed from caramelized pork belly, baos and nutella-banana crêpes for dessert to pork belly, more crêpes and still more crêpes for dessert.

For the fillings:

A couple of crêpes contained minced chicken sausages, sautéed with onions and garlic, some red chilli powder, coriander powder and some finely chopped spring onions. We drizzled some sriracha sauce on the crêpes and served them with some mayonnaise.

Two crêpes had an avocado mash, seasoned with cracked pepper and salt. And served with an egg each, sunny side up. The avocados are from our tree and a handful of them ripened all too quickly, therefore forcing us to think beyond guacamole.

I stuffed one of the crêpes with some blanched homegrown spinach, mixed with herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and crumbled paneer (cottage cheese) – almost like my take on a spankopita, but without the feta and using crêpes instead.

There was one with bacon and cheese – an overdose of fatty, gooey goodness.

And the dinner crêpes were caramelized bananas (which I did on a frying pan with some sugar, cinnamon and butter) with lots of Nutella. No pictures for this one, unfortunately, because I’ve become one of those daylight picture snobs now.

Crêpes from Sunday brunch – my first after we moved to Cooke Town. We’ve gotten into MIL-FIL-lunch-dinner routine over the past year and forgotten how much we enjoyed our weekend brunches in Domlur. They were out for lunch this Sunday, so we made a bunch of crêpes. And then we made some more for dinner, because Suraj wanted more. I skipped dinner and ate a banana nutella crêpe for dessert instead (what after all that scrumptious pork belly). Anyway, here are the different ones we made for brunch – the one at the back is spicy chicken and spring onions, served with sriracha and mayo. The ones on the right ate avocado and egg. There are two different kinds on the left – one with bacon and cheese, the other with paneer, sundried tomatoes and my first harvest of homegrown spinach (so little, I could only make one crêpe).

A photo posted by Cooky Nomster (@cookynomster) on Jul 5, 2016 at 12:13am PDT



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