The Comic Strip Murals of Brussels

I was in Brussels for a few hours way back in 2012, on my way back from Bruges. And the only thing I’d had time for was a quick pilgrimage (if there ever was such a thing) to The Delirium Cafe.

When I planned my 2014 vacation, I needed to get some more Belgium in me. So I planned a few days in Brussels. And while I was there, I chanced upon something called a comic walk trail on the Visit Brussels website, that would take up 3 to 4 hours of my time and take me through several streets of the city, exploring murals from several comic strips.

I saw Tintin murals, some Lucky Luke (even though I discovered the awesomeness of Lucky Luke only last weekend, when Suraj picked up a Lucky Luke comic book at a cheap book sale), Asterix and Obelix and a bunch of more really cool art work.

It was a grey morning when I set out, and I started with a beer and some offal at Le Poechenellekelder and ended with my usual Delirium Cafe pilgrimage (I’ve written more about those in my Brussels post, here). I had to open up an umbrella for a couple of minutes a couple of times through the walk, but all in all, it was a half day well spent. I came back to my room and spent a few hours reading up about everything I saw and that made the whole little walk a lot more worthwhile.

Here’s a slideshow of the murals I saw that morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s a Google map of where these are.

Turns out there are 49 in all, and I only saw about 20 and some other graffiti.

There’s also a page up on Wikipedia with details about most of the paintings, for those interested.

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