Chocolate Truffles

Super easy and a super success with family and colleagues, alike!

Cooking chocolate (I use 45% cocoa or 72% cocoa and I’ve once done a mix of both!)
A third the amount of cream as the chocolate you’re using
Cocoa powder, for rolling

Other (optional) ingredients:
Slivered almonds, for rolling
Caramel, for filling
Assorted nuts, for filling
Candied orange peel, for filling
Raisins (or rum soaked raisins!) for filling
Chilli flakes/powder, for rolling
Coffee powder, for rolling
Coloured sprinkles, for rolling

Making the ganache:
1. Melt the chocolate using a double boiler, or like I do – bring some water to boil in a pan. Take it off the heat. Place another smaller bowl with the chocolate inside the hot water and stir continuously until the chocolate melts.
2. For every cup of chocolate, add about 4 tablespoons of cream (or a fourth of a cup). This step might take some experimenting with. I don’t use a fixed recipe for the truffles I make. But a good way to do this would be to start by adding a fourth of the amount of cream. The mixture should be the consistency of a nice, thick batter.
3. Put this in the refrigerator for about an hour. When you take a look at it then and are able to easily scoop it out with your fingers or a spoon and it feels like sticky dough, you know you’re good.
4. If it’s too solid, you might need to go through the process of melting the mixture again and adding some more cream to it, another couple of tablespoons perhaps. However, if the mixture is too fluid, you know you added too much cream, and you might need to add a little more chocolate. I know that somewhere between a fourth and a third of cream works for me.

Making the truffles:
1. When the ganache is the right consistency, grease your palms with butter and set some cocoa powder out in a dish.
2. Scoop out a small amount of the ganache and dip it a little in the cocoa powder and roll it into a ball in your palms.
3. That’s plain truffles for you, right there! You can eat them right away or put them away to eat later. These stay good up to a few days, so you can make them a day ahead of a party, if you like.

Here are the mixes I do:
1. Coffee powder and slivered almonds – and then I roll the ganache in this mixture, instead of the cocoa powder.
2. I add a pinch of chilli powder to the ganache while I make it and then roll the ganache in cocoa powder and another pinch of chilli powder for chilli-chocolate truffles
3. I’ve used caramel that I’ve had left over from another dessert. I flatten the ganache out a little into a rough patty. Then add a tiny dollop of caramel and close the ganache over it and then proceed to roll it in cocoa powder. Caramel filled truffles are insanely awesome!
4. I’ve soaked raisins in rum one time, for a few hours. And put those inside of a ganache ball and rolled them in cocoa to finish up. These are like mini surprises because you’re all “Oh, truffle! Yum!” and then you bite into some strong rum and raisin and you’re all “Whoa!”
5. I made candied orange peel one time and used those inside the truffles too!

Another thing you could do is melt some chocolate on the side. Stick a toothpick into your ganache ball and dip it into the chocolate. So you end up with truffles that are crunchy on the outside and gooey, soft on the inside.

You could also use any other nuts or dried fruits of your choice either inside the truffle or to coat it.

Oh, I also got myself an Instagram account a few weeks ago. So there are some update there as well now, for those of you who’re interested.

Until more posts, happy eating!


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