Cheese and Pomegranate Wheel

Some time in the first week of December, the internet was flooded with recipes for “cheese balls” and the one which first caught my attention was this one.

@shwetakapur and I ogled at this listicle shortly later.

And somewhere between those two, I made my own little cheese ball. Only thing, it looked more like a wheel, than a ball. So I’ll just call it a Pomegranate and Cheese Wheel.

1 pomegranate, kernels only
1 500g container of yoghurt, hung for 3-4 hours (until the whey is completely drained)
1 cup any (hard) cheese of your choice, grated (I used a mix of some old cheddar and parmesan)
5-6 garlic cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon crushed black pepper
1 teaspoon thyme (from a jar)
2 tablespoons melon seeds, toasted
1 tablespoon table butter, molten or softened

1. Mix the cheese, yoghurt, melon seeds, herbs, pepper, butter and garlic in a bowl and freeze for a couple of hours.
2. Grease your palms with a little butter and roll the set yoghurt mix into a ball (or a wheel!)
3. Gently roll the ball/wheel in a plate full of pomegranate kernels. You might have to press down into them just a little bit, so that they stick into the cheese ball.
4. Serve with crackers.

A badly lit picture, this one! But I hope to get around to uploading pictures from my camera soon enough. I bought a new phone a couple of weeks ago (a 13 megapixel camera) and my SLR seems to have gotten side-tracked. But I promise to put up better pictures from the SLR very soon!

1. This will last for at least a couple of days. I ate some the evening I made it and the following evening again when we had friends over.
2. Very easy to make and quite fancy (and healthy, if I may add), like that. So win win.
3. Instead of crackers, you can just serve this with thinly sliced carrots, cucumber and radishes.
4. You can add just about anything to make a good cheese ball – there are so many ideas on the listicle I shared earlier. Or then you could just come up with something that you think might make an interesting cheeseball.


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