Much Summery So Wowe

(Pardon the doge meme title for this post, but given the Paper Boat Flavours I’m going to write about here, a summery title seems apt.)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says kalakhatta? For me, it’s baraf golas. Always.

I kept it simple with the Paper Boat kalakhatta flavour. I poured some of it into a cutting-chai glass and froze it for a couple of hours. I then stuck a lollypop stick into it and froze it overnight. Voila! Good old baraf gola, sans the tongue-lip-and-t-shirt-staining purple colour. And just as delicious. There’s jamun and some spices (for that added kick) that go into making this taste as good as it does.


I’m not sure if their aam-panna is out in the market yet, but I did get to taste some of it. It was good, but it was missing the old-school panha taste I was secretly hoping it’d have. I can’t pin what exactly was missing, though. Maybe that little bit of kesar? Or possibly some other spice, other than those mentioned on the pack? Or maybe just maa ke haath ka jaadoo. Heh. Not to say it was bad or anything, but this one didn’t quite do as much for me, as the other flavours have. Which is why I decided to work it into a recipe. Just like I did with the aamras.

The inspiration to use aam panna as a salad dressing came from a Thai Mango Salad I used to love having at a restaurant in Pune. Slices of raw mango, shrimp, a sweet-and-spicy dressing and greens. I modified the salad by using aam panna and olive oil for the dressing. I threw a couple of kinds of lettuce, a few basil leaves, some sprouts, thinly sliced red chillies and chopped spring onions into a bowl. I grilled some prawns, with chopped garlic, salt and black sesame seeds, and added those to the salad mixture. I finally put dressed it all in a lot of the aam panna dressing. The salad made for a delightful eating – the aam panna lending it’s characteristic tangy-sweet touch to the salad and just a hint of spice from the red chillies with the crunch of the greens. I was hoping it wouldn’t need any additional herbs and I was glad it didn’t.


That leaves me with not having tasted only the kokum flavour. I know it exists because I’ve seen it on their Facebook page. But I’ve never gotten around to seeing it at any of the stores I buy my groceries at. But then again, knowing me, I’d probably add some vodka to it (oh, vodka and kokum sarbat is a killer combination, I’ve left waiters at several restaurants mildly surprised) or try making sol kadi out of it (though I trust being able to do a better job, making it the conformist way) or throw it into a Coastal seafood curry.

{Edit: March 9th, 2014 = I found the kokum! I found the kokum!}

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