Life is *still* beautiful

If you don’t know what I’m talking about already, here’s a hint (Inside secret: I discovered only last afternoon that somebody I know personally manages this page for the guys at Paper Boat. Oh, I’m such a celebrity!)

I love the Paper Boat Facebook page. It showed up on my twitter timeline a few months ago. And there were so many things on it that took me back to 20 years ago. Quite heart warming, that. And very aptly explained on their FAQ page – simple and reminiscent of the days gone by, yet easy enough to relive (folding paper boats and sailing them in rivulets of rain water or well, just opening up one of their drinks!)

@vip_nair brought some Paper Boat Aamras home one evening, a few months ago. As someone that has grown up on a steady stock of Alphonso mangoes from Valsad every year of my existence so far (yes, even when I was in USA and of course, my one summer in Bangalore), I find it very difficult to appreciate anything that involved packaged/processed mango (a la Frootis and Maazas from the eighties and the nineties). But what I had wasn’t mind-numbingly sweet, unlike most other mango-flavoured beverages. It wasn’t something I’d go out of my way to have again, but knowing that they had flavours other than aamras was enough reason now, for me to give those a shot. And I did – the jaljeera and the kalakhatta (more on those as you read on).

I was thrilled when the guys at Paper Boat wrote in to me last week (they said a bunch of nice things about me, so yay! I’m a celebrity!) and asked what I thought of their beverages. They even let me in on a flavour they’re launching soon. (and oh boy! Am I excited about it, or what! It’s another one of those that I’ve grown up drinking and to have it in packaged form will be quite a treat!)


So, then, this is a formal post on the awesomeness that Paper Boat beverages are (a small mention for the flattering email-writing skills,teehee, and their ‘awwww’ Facebook page).

I sampled two of the three flavours they sent in, to be fair. And set my brain to work, to make this post a little different and more than just a review of a bunch of beverages.

(I promise to do the third in another post. I’ve been busy with work and travelling for my cousin’s wedding and everything is all just so overwhelming.)

The jaljeera was perfect. Everything like a jaljeera my mum might make me if I nag her. The ingredients on the jaljeera pack says they’ve added jeera (cumin), lemon and kala namak to the drink already, but when I served myself some, I threw in a few fresh mint leaves and a slice of lime – for added pretty. I LOVED the jaljeera and cannot recommend it enough. It’s everything home-made (only, it’s not! It’s Paper Boat!)


With the aamras, I made a sauce – added a dash of fish sauce, some tabasco and crushed garlic cloves – brought it to a boil and used it to marinate and grill some chicken. I cooked up a quick coconut rice, using regular rice, (Parachute, haha!) coconut oil and some coconut milk. That dinner was fantastic, even if I say so myself. I’d never imagined I could use a packaged beverage to make a savoury meal that’d be this good!


All that said, you get about two glasses (each packet is 250 ml) of naturally flavoured desi beverages for Rs 25/- – flavours you don’t really find in other bottled/packaged beverages. To me, that’s pretty cool, really!

Their drinks page gives some pretty detailed insight into what you can expect from a drink, when you open it. And sure enough, they deliver what’s written out there. They do.

So yeah, here’s me pimping them to the very last ml of that jaljeera I just finished! Go buy some, you guys! And tell me what you think?

(Oh, and there’s another post coming up in a few days, not on just one, but two other flavours!)


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