How to make raw avocados ripen quicker

Here’s a quick tip I learned last week when I had planned to make guacamole. Typically, I buy groceries for the week on weekends, so I need to plan ahead. In this case, I picked up a couple of avocados. I knew they were too ripe and that they may not be ready in 2 days time (when I needed them for the guacamole) because friends were visiting. So, I googled.

Web searches indicated that I could put the avocados in a brown paper bag with an apple or a pear (typically, an fruit which browns when cut – fruits that oxidize quickly, high content of iron-based phenols, scientifically) even. And the avocados would ripen in 2-3 days.

I used an airy shawl instead. And wrapped two avocados and an apple. And sure enough, two days later, they green avocados had darkened to a nice maroon and the guacamole was amazing. Yay!


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