Iftaar @ Frazer Town

Since 2011 (by which time, I was the ‘food enthusiast’ that I am), I’ve only ever picked up Eid festive food from Babajan Chowk in Poona and eaten it for dinner at home. Confession: I’d never eaten haleem until September this year.

@vip_nair and I went to Frazer Town this Ramazan, to make the most of Iftaar. I’ll let the food do the talking, with just a line or two to describe everything we ate.

Might I add, I went to Frazer Town thrice that (lunar) month. I could’ve gone more often, but it was too crowded on weekends and leaving early enough from work to make it in time for a good dinner for a whole month might not have gone down too well, in multiple senses of the phrase.

Rs 50/- a serving
It was available in chicken and beef. Of course, gau hamari mata hai, isi liye hum beef haleem khata hai.
Haleem is a stew made by slow-cooking meat, wheat, barley and lentils, garnished with oodles of ghee and fried onions. In one word, heavenly!

Camel Kabaabs
Rs 60/- for 4 pieces of kabaabs
Because fuck, yeah, I want me some camel!
They were clearly not beef or mutton (or any variety of meat I’ve eaten before). Therefore they were camel. And quite delicious,

Seekh Kabaabs
Rs 50/- for two seekhs
Because we needed to eat while we waited on the camel kabaabs.

I think they meant veal. With that many variations, we just know which one to pick and which one would be authentic. Heh.



Mughlai Paratha
Rs 60/- a piece
(I’m pretty sure it was called something else, I just can’t remember what)
This is essentially a paratha, stuffed with egg and minced meat and fried until crisp. Delicious!
I’ve had something similar at the Ananda Mela during Durgo Pujo in Pune and the interweb tells me the Mughlai Paratha finds it’s roots in Bangladesh. So that makes sense then.


Fried happy things that also looked like sweet things, that I was too stuffed to sample and too shy to ask questions about.

Pista Firni
Rs 30/- a pot
GOSH! The best fucking thing on this planet. So much for not having eaten those fried sweet things from the picture above.

The next time you’re in Bangalore around Ramazan, take time out to go to Frazer Town. Please.

(I went to Frazer Town for Iftaar in September 2013. Another severely delayed post, this one.)


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