MOB – Hyderabad and my Beer Book

I was in Hyderabad one weekend early October. Because. And while I was there, I met Pratyush over beers post lunch one evening.

Four beers, a couple of hours of conversation, a quick trip to the ISB campus (which, by the way, is so gorgeous and awesome, I could do an MBA just for the campus!) and the completion of my beer book.

We didn’t really eat any food because we’d had lunch before we met that afternoon. But the beers, I would most definitely go to MOB again when I’m in Hyderabad. A bunch of Belgian beers I haven’t seen around on the Indian market at all. And that can mean only one thing. Happiness.

What’s better, they serve their beers in the glasses they are meant to be served in- logo and all!



Unlike most other places, they have most of the beers they have mentioned on their menu in stock. And that made me even happier.

The waiter did resist when I asked him to help me peel labels off the bottles. But all is well that ends well. Maybe I should go and show them my beer book someday. Heh.

Road 92,
Below Little Italy,
Near Apollo Hospital,
Film Nagar, Hyderabad
We paid: About 2k for four beers (which is expensive, but then that’s how much the beers cost anyway)

And here are pictures of the beer book, complete – with little notes for every beer, a small foreword (of sorts), a comprehensive list at the end of the beers in the book, the country they were manufactured in, the alcohol content by volume, the style of beer and a couple of other details.





Ask me to show it off a bit given the freak chance you end up at my apartment some day! πŸ™‚

Oh, and Siva! Thank you for all the labels and crowns you’ve gotten for me from Thoobai. Book 2 is going to be labels and crowns that friends (who’ve been sweet enough to remember me when they get drunk) have gotten from me from all over. There’s also a ton of crowns @acidmess gave me when he got back from his trip to London earlier this year. So, I think book 2 and book 3 will begin simultaneously. I’m so stoked already!


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