Quick Update: Windsor Pub

Get there early, they don’t take reservations. And you’d probably end up waiting an hour because it has all but ten tables (fifteen, tops) and some very very good food and an ambience that won’t make you want to leave.

In many ways, it’s old school. A stack of audio cassettes on one of the walls brings back some severe memories of the music we listened to while growing up – stuff from the seventies and the eighties! Besides, AUDIO CASSETTES! Do kids these days even know what those are?

At Windsor Pub, I’d recommend the Brain & Onion Fry. I’ve had it on multiple occasions and it has never disappointed except this one time when it was too spicy and really not up to the mark.

Windsor Pub also offers Coorgi cuisine, primarily. And @surajmenon was right when he said the Pandi Curry (Pork curry) is to die for. As are the appams with stew. The kappa (tapioca) that a lot of the dishes in the main course come with is something I’d never had before and is the perfect substitute for a dipping medium with curries – especially if you don’t feel like doing rice or it’s variants.

The portions are liberal and it’s unlikely you will be able to have an entree/main course by yourself, if you’ve munched on a few appetizers and had some beer. I speak as a lady who eats as much a a man, sometimes even outdoing most men I dine with. Yes, ok, it’s not the smartest thing to gloat about.

Whether I’d go there again? Of course, I’ve been there a few times already and I most definitely would again. My only problem is that I often end up with chickenatarians or vegetarians. And sometimes, I just wish @surajmenon was around a lot more.

7, Kodava Samaja Building,
1st Main Road, Vasanthnagar,
Near Cunningham Road,
(It’s less than a five minute walk from the Cantonment Railway Station.)

About 1200/- for two (lots of beer, lots of food and an amazing time, guaranteed)


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