My cousin, Rahul, moved to Bangalore a few months ago. We’re not really cousins, it’s just a term of endearment, now, I guess. He’s a distant relative and we get along ferociously well. So that’s that.

He lives at the other end of the city, but we meet up once every month or so and overdose on the hanging-out and the gossip, when we do.

One Saturday, we took off to Blimey! at 1, MG Road.

I was told it was a great place (and an Irish pub). It was neither.

We walked into an utterly confused ambience, hip seating, antiques on the ceiling and a trying-to-hard-to-fit-in feel.

I was disappointed that all they really had in the name of good beers was Coronas and Heinekens. I think they had Jameson on their list of whiskeys but I didn’t order it because I don’t drink scotch yet and that was just about as Irish as they got.

The food – onion rings, marinated olives and a mushroom appetizer were all decent. I’ve had better (or maybe my standards are really messed up). But if you’re paying the kind of money we did, you’d want something better, really.



They also had sliders, which didn’t look that great. And my pork burger was essentially only a patty in a bun. Not in the least impressive.

Where? 1, MG Road, Bangalore
We paid: Rs 5000/- (for a couple of drinks each, a couple of appetizers and a burger each, no kidding!)
The service wasn’t bad at all. But you can’t really have very much to say about a place that doesn’t have a couple of appetizers you asked for or drinks that you might have liked.
Will I go there again? Hell, no.


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