Missing in Action

Gosh! I’m ashamed. It’s been two whole months since I wrote something here.

Let’s see what went wrong. Mid-July, I made a whirlwind trip across the country because I figured I was suddenly very rich, or something like that. But rich only for three days or so, because after that, I’ve been consistently broke.

I returned, completely and utterly swamped with work and somehow not giving it my best. So, I ended up being stressed and screwing up some more. Then I worked towards fixing all of that, and that put me at mid-August, when I went home for a long weekend.

Home was fun for most part, except the bit where they brought up why I didn’t have a boyfriend and why nobody had proposed marriage to me yet, for the thousand-th time in four days.

Back in Bangalore, a couple of weeks of good work and getting back on track and then an awesome weekend I’d been looking forward to for a while, a lot of drives to the airport and back because who takes public transport, yeah?

That brings us to last weekend, which I have no memories of. I suspect I was drunk for most part. And now, today.

Updating the blog. Lots of back-dated drafts. Lots of new stuff. Loads of cooking, yes. Tonnes of eating out. An enormous number of pictures. And sorry for the spam. 🙂


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