Firangi Paani


An outrageous evening of meeting @vivekisms that started off with both of us being too tired to want to drink and ended up with us being quite drunk and having fine-dined.

We’d initially intended to go to a place called Bak Bak Bar (edit: which I ended up going to eventually with a cousin and disliked immensely – the place, not the cousin), but we couldn’t find the place and ended up at Firangi Paani instead.

A couple of starters, some dal makhani and roti and a bunchof vodkas set us back by 4k, yes, that expensive.

The food is good – typically North Indian cuisine, with a couple of dishes that try hard to be cool. Not that they fail, but it has become too common place at restaurants such as these to have regular dishes served with a little bit of oomph, to give them an alleged twist.

The portions are not too small, but not entirely filling either, if all you’re looking to have is curry and rice or rotis. You will have to have ordered an appetizer or two before that, to have eaten your fill.

The ambience is over-the-top plush and gives an air of snobbery and gaudy richness – it’s not something I particularly like. But sometimes, y’know, you just want to sink into a velvety couch and get drunk.

2nd Floor, Forum Mall,
Hosur Road,

Rs 3000/- for two, a drink or two, a couple of starters and a main course shared.


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