I was at Caperberry earlier this evening, as part of the Times City Gourmet Week in Bangalore. It is on this week – July 15 through July 21 and covers some of the finest restaurants in the city (Dum Pukht, The Pink Poppadom, Vembanad, Szechwan Court, Persian Terrace, Tattva, Ente Keralam, Harima, Caperberry and Fava, among others)

Additional details can be found here and here.

The pre-fixed menu at Caperberry, as part of Times City Gourmet Week included a couple of starters and a soup (both in the vegetarian section and the non-vegetarian section), a couple of salads and pizzas, about 4 different choices in the main course and 3 in the dessert. The prices mentioned on the flyers and the Times City website are not inclusive of alcohol.


I played safe with Nine Hill’s Sauvignon Blanc, while Yasho, who accompanied me for dinner, ordered himself a Queen Mary. I’m not too fond of Bloody Marys, in general. But he quite enjoyed this beerified version of the cocktail – Kingfisher, tomato juice, lemon juice and spice mix.

First up, were individual boxes of assorted breads, served with aioli and a dash of pesto. Accompanying that were melon scoops with a hint of feta and mint. The melon scoops were delicious and almost reminded me of the melon and ham combination I’d had in Paris one time. Melon, I’ve begun to believe, is a very under-rated fruit. Mental note: I must try using it in cooking or in appetizers, more often.



For appetizers, we got a non-vegetarian Tapas Duet, which comprised of some grilled chicken and fried squid. The calamari rings were coated with parsley and bread crumbs and deep fried. While the chicken was stuck into skewers and marinated with chilli and cumin and grilled. Both were served with a yogurt-based dip. The appetizers were pretty good, in my opinion. Not too overpowering in flavour and just about right, in quantity.


(Fried Calamari up front and Grilled Chicken Skewers at the back)

We also ordered a salad which had sous vide cooked chicken (you know the technique where meat is packed in airtight bags and cooked slowly over extremely long periods of time and at controlled temperatures?), mixed greens – green and red lettuce and arugula, pistachio slivers and oranges. The salad was finished with a lovely gingery-orange dressing. The chicken was perfectly done. And arugula and any tart fruit (tomatoes, oranges, apples even!) is a complete win for me!


(Also note the pretty blue glass in which they served us water.)

We followed that with another glass of wine, for myself, and a dry Martini for the man.

I ordered a Picada Grilled Halibut for mains. It came as two beautiful chunks of grilled fish, marinated in a pesto-like sauce. They were served on a bed of mixed beans, and along with some lemon puree, cherry tomatoes and crispy potatoes. The fish was absolutely wonderful – fresh and cooked just right. Honestly, I could have done without the beans. But the cherry tomatoes added that extra element of flavour to the entire dish.


Yasho ordered a risotto with tomato and thyme and served with some chicken al ajillo (chicken in garlic sauce). The risotto was just about alright. We’ve both had better risotto.

Dessert was fabulous.

A sugar-free Kiwi Panna Cotta, served with honey noodles. I love panna cotta. I have had only limited success making it at home, which is why I jump at the first opportunity to order it, when I’m out. And this one didn’t disappoint me one bit.


And then, there was a Coconut Dacquoise – a delectable mango mousse served with coconut jelly, a toasted coconut base, and candied rose petals and mint. The rose petals and mint were solely for decoration, though I couldn’t quite stop myself from eating them anyway. I love how mango and coconut are such a wonderful combination. And everything put together made for one helluva dessert.


48/1 Ground Floor,
The Estate Building,
121 Dickenson Road,
Off MG Road,

080 25594567
+91 9845177162

12:30 pm to 3 pm
7:30 pm to 11:30 pm

About Rs 3000/- for two (without alcohol)

Prices, during Times City Gourmet Week:
Rs 1500/- per head, after booking a table for Rs 100/-, before hand
(not inclusive of alcohol)

We paid about Rs 1700/- for two glasses of wine, a martini and a beer-based cocktail, this evening. That amounts to about Rs 400/- per drink, which is fairly priced, for a place like Caperberry, if you ask me.

Additional details about Caperberry are on Zomato, here.

My Experience at Caperberry this evening:
Food: 4.5/5
(a full 5, if not for the risotto and the mixed beans)
Service: 5/5
(extremely courteous staff and very prompt service)
Cost-effectiveness: 4.5/5
(priced competitively for a restaurant of their standard)
Ambience: 4/5
(quiet and cozy, well spaced tables and a generally comfortable feel)

In all, I’d recommend you to visit at least one of the several restaurants mentioned in the list for Gourmet Week. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to get to sample a selective menu at some of the best restaurants in the city. And well worth every penny spent.


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