My First Layer Cake… And More Cake Pops

This place that I work at? It’s filled with a bunch of amazing people. And we turned 1 last week. July 12th, 2013. Well, I’ve been around only for 6 months of their (our) year long journey and I’ve seen so many changes here, in terms of the team already. So many amazing targets achieved. And so many new goals set.

I wanted to fix my not-so-great baking streak. I started off with this marble cake a few weeks ago. And for the birthday, I thought I’d do something and make sure I do it right.


(Yes, I know that’s quite a terrible picture! 😦 )

I used the marble cake recipe, only, I made one layer entirely of chocolate. And the other layer was vanilla, with some amount of orange food colour along with the zest of an entire orange. I also chopped up about half an orange and threw that into the cake batter as well. I put the two layers together with some whipping cream. And finished the cake off with a layer of store-bought vanilla fondant.


I picked up the fondant at Lavonne. It’s a cutesy patisserie very close to where I live. They sell macarons, pastries, breads and some dessert at their store. They also have a section with baking equipment for sale, in the back. And they conduct baking classes, regularly: both certificate courses and weekend courses. In fact, they also have Specialty Courses. And a colleague, here, who took a course at Lavonne says that Chef Joonie’s personal courses are to die for. I haven’t been able to save up enough money to take any of their classes. But I do hope I can take one of them up, some time soon.

I also made cake pops. I used my regular mocha cupcake recipe. And coated one half of the pops in white chocolate, and the other half with regular dark chocolate. For the sprinkles, I used:
(a) A mixture of ground almonds and coffee powder
(b) Silver sugar balls, I picked up at Lavonne
(c) Sugar crystals, tossed around in food colouring

Nobody’s perfect. I didn’t have cake pop sticks. So I used tooth picks. Not quite the right thing to do, but not entirely bad, either, right?


I tried to keep with the spirit of my work place and used colours from our logo. In fact, I made a fairly lousy logo on the cake too, in case you hadn’t already figured.

But here’s the good part, everybody at work loved the pops and the cake. And when we went for the anniversary dinner celebrations to Cafe Max later that night, all the spouses came up to me telling me how their husbands/wives thought the cake was really well made. Much as I was gushing on the inside, I will admit, I found dealing with the praise a little difficult. Some times, I’m just a tad weird.

All that said, I’m glad they liked the cake. It gives me the confidence to bake more. And bake better. And so I shall.

And for my work place, and the people there: I love you guys! Work makes me happy. You have acknowledged the work I do far better (and more) than it deserves and I will try my best to not let you guys down. Ever. Here’s to a lot more good work, a lot many years of successful e-commerce, many many more cakes and tonnes of awesome times together!

*hic* *sugar high*

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