Phobidden Fruit

@aadisht was in town one rainy Friday evening, end of May, and we went to Phobidden Fruit for a nice dinner date. We were quite drenched because, though I have a car, I did not own an umbrella. Yes, it rained quite hard that evening. Also, I now own an umbrella.

(Yes, this post comes awfully late. Like so many others.)

We started off with the Ba Lo Lot, betel leaves stuffed with ground beef. When I ordered them, I half expected to see the Malaka Spice dish that had keema wrapped in betel leaves. Of course, this one was different in that the wraps had been fried and the stuffing was spiced differently. It was, nevertheless, outstanding. My only complaint was that it took too long to arrive. I think restaurants really like Aadisht and me as customers, because they’re forever delaying our orders. Case in point, Sunny’s.


While Aadisht’s pho (photo, front) was served with hoisin sauce and sriracha, I was beyond pleased with my Bun Rieu (photo, back). I’d never had bun rieu before. It’s pretty much everything that pho is, but with more seafood, with some egg and an awesome, tangy, tomato-ey broth.

The pho and the bun rieu also came with mint leaves, some sprouts, thinly sliced onions and some lemony-basil like leaves, which the staff claimed was just regular basil. C’mon, guys, I know my regular basil!


I even tried making both broth recipes over the next couple of weekends, and was quite thrilled with the outcome. Posts on them, soon enough.

As for Phobidden Fruit:
Food: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Cost-effective: 5/5

We paid about a thousand rupees for two HUGE bowls of Vietnamese noodles, broth and meat. And an appetizer.

The beers that followed saw Mr. Khanna become an Indus Pride loyalist. Well, with weather like that and Fiery Cinnamon flavoured beer, I don’t see why not.


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