Siddharth was home for dinner one night. Just because it’d been a while since we’d hung out. I finished a bottle of Chenin Blanc. And he enjoyed his Dunkels. And then there was some sushi.

I don’t think these have names, really. I just put together some stuff and wrapped it up with nori and sushi-rice.

Also, I’ve tried sushi one time before. but the pictures were terrible. These aren’t too great either. But they’re better than the first. So, here they are.

This one has nori on the outside, sushi rice inside it, and at the core, I’ve used avocado, red peppers and some grilled crab-meat.



This second one has sushi-rice on the outside, and nori just inside it. I’ve used sesame seeds on the sushi-rice. On the inside, I’ve used some more avocado and grilled crab and some prawns in sweet chilli sauce.



I won’t post a recipe here because I’m not qualified to make sushi, really. I think it’s a very integral part of the Japanese way of life and people spend years trying to make good sushi. You should watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi, in case you haven’t.

This is just my attempt at putting together a bunch of things available at hand, to make something that a friend and I could enjoy over some important conversation and good alcohol.


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