Cafe Thulp


If you’re in Bangalore and looking to eat a mean burger, there’s only one place I’d recommend – Thulp.

It’s on this little road that connects Koramangala to HSR and unless you’re really lucky, you’ll need to wait about ten minutes to get a table. Order the beef burgers. Any beef burger. There’s the Moo, the Moo with cheese, the Moo with cheese AND bacon, cheeseburgers which they call Moo’s your Daddy and a double cheeseburger (Mother of all Moo’s).

DSC_0540 (The Singing Saudade, above)

My favourite is this one called The Singing Saudade, which comes with a spicy Goan sausages and grilled onions.

There’s a pork burger called the Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh which is pretty good too.

What’s cute is that they also have a chicken burger, quite aptly called The Imposter.

There are a bunch of other burgers too, steak, tofu, a vegetarian one with hummus (almost like a falafel), but I’ve usually stuck with variations of the Moo and the Singing Saudade. Most burgers come with a side of coleslaw and potato wedges or fries.

That apart, they have bacon rashers, fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and pastas AND daily specials usually involving some kind of meat and rice/noodles.


The service ranges from just-about-ok to pretty-good, depending on what the crowd is like. I’ve had to wait thirty minutes and they’ve goofed up my choice of drink one time. Another time, ten minutes and everything’s perfect. But really, it’s a feel-good, happy kinda place, so I’m quite forgiving, like that. The food is great, the vibe is awesome. And if you’re with good company, what’s thirty minutes, really!

You’d typically end up spending anywhere between Rs 300/- and Rs 400/- and be stuffed beyond measure. Which is a good thing. No alcohol, which in some ways is also a good thing.

Overall, I’d say:
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5

998, 1st Main, 1st Block,

12 noon to 11 pm

And if you’re in town and on your way to Thulp, how about you let me know, yeah?

(For the uninitiated, ‘thulp’ is a word that means ‘to eat voraciously’ and has been made popular by Tamil folk speaking English with a thick South Indian accent.)


2 thoughts on “Cafe Thulp

  1. Vinay

    Woah!! That post got me craving for a burger and I’m making a mental note of places where I can pick up a nice burger on the way back from work 🙂 Been to Bangalore just once. Hope to visit Cafe Thulp in my next visit for sure!

    • cookydoh

      Haha! I make mental notes of places I need to eat at all the time! And when you’re in Bangalore next, Thulp is a must! 🙂

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