Cake Pops

I found this recipe for Mocha Cupcakes online and I had just bought some really awesome cupcake wrappers.

I thought I’d take some to work, but then the cupcakes turned out very greasy and though they tasted pretty delicious, they just didn’t look like something I’d want to take to work to share with colleagues. These guys deserve better, now! 😀

I had a couple dozen cupcakes and, obviously, didn’t want to trash them. So I decided to make them into cake pops.


Any cake, baked all the way (it would be very cruel to use a cake that didn’t cook all the way through) – a cake that crumbled possibly or over-greasy cupcakes you couldn’t serve as is, as was my case
1 cup of whole cream (add by the tablespoon, you might need less)
Cooking chocolate
Nuts, sprinkles etc to decorate


1. Crumble the cake in a large bowl and add the heavy cream one tablespoon at a time. Mix the cake and the cream to a consistency that can be rolled into balls.
2. Roll the cake into inch-sized balls. Duh.
3. Stick long sticks into the cake balls and keep them aside.
4. Over a double boiler, melt some cooking chocolate.
5. Dip the cake balls in the chocolate, to coat them completely.
6. Drain of any excess chocolate and roll the cake-pop in sprinkles of your choice.
7. Set the cake pop out to dry. Typically, this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

1. A lot of recipes online use frosting to bind the cake. I think frosting is very sweet, on it’s own and the cake pops can be head-ache-inducing sweet, as a result. I used heavy cream because I wanted to avoid that extra sweetness. I was quite pleased with the results.
2. Here is a video that will be helpful while coating the cake pops with cooking chocolate:

3. For the sprinkles, I used the following three mixtures:
(a) instant coffee and ground almonds
(b) crumbled butter-scotch
(c) Cadbury gems

It’s a pity I couldn’t get less shaky pictures.
I had a ton of fun making the cake pops. And about thirty of them were consumed in under 24 hours. I’d like to believe that is enough proof that they weren’t really that bad after all! *grin*



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