Grilled Watermelon and Cheese

This is a complete from-leftovers appetizer. I threw some cubes of watermelon onto a pan and tossed them around for a few minutes, until they began to brown a little (Technically, that isn’t grilling, but I was too lazy to use the oven. Neither do I own a conventional barbeque and grill setup. Work arounds, whenever you can! 🙂 ). Following that, I stuck them in with a mint leaf and some smoked cheddar. And voila!

They taste pretty delicious. I’d prefer using a white cheese, if you ask me. But then, you don’t always have to have good gouda or an emmental in your fridge all the time, now, do you? Psst… You could just use Amul Cheese cubes too. And tulsi/basil instead of mint.

Also, photo opp! Because some people are trying real hard!




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