Watermelon Cookies

(or orange lookalike mashups, maybe)


My favourite sugar cookie recipe along with the icebox technique… to make cookies shaped like slices of watermelon. To beat the summer heat, yo!

To be honest, the watermelon cookies idea came to me one Saturday where my schedule was something like this:
9 am: Wake up, brush my teeth, shower
10 am: Cut a water melon and eat a few pieces before putting it away into the refrigerator to chill
11 am: Laundry + watermelon eating
12 noon: Bank work
1 pm: Watermelon salad for lunch (cubes of watermelon, a little bit of salt and pepper and chat masala and mint leaves)
2 pm: Watermelon juice
3 pm: Hunger pangs (I make a quick egg)
4 pm: Watermelon juice + cookie epiphany
5 pm: Grocery shopping (and the unavailability of green food colouring)
6 pm: Watermelon eating
7 pm: Proceed to prep dinner

As a result, watermelon-cookie-making was postponed until green food colouring was procured, which, as it turns out, I found at Nilgiri’s on MG Road, last Sunday.

My mum told me the other evening, that people who’re in love bake cookies and cakes. And people who have anger pent up within, tend to bake breads. I haven’t had a single successful cookie-experiment in a few months now. So I can validate the not-in-love bit. The anger, well, my breads should have been pretty fucking amazing. But they aren’t. On the flip side, hers are. So, haha. That saying holds.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, cookies were baked on Sunday. One batch was burnt. Flames and all, no kidding. The other batch turned out just about alright. But it didn’t give me the happy-awesome-cookies feel as my in-love days (and therefore, I didn’t bring any in to work on Monday).

Here’s a photo:


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