The Foodo Baggins Feedback Form

Quick pimping for the one thing that I’ve done consistently since 2008 – write here. On Foodo Baggins.

For those of you who have filled this form out already, a big thank you. Most of you have said only nice things. There are a few things I can improve upon, sure. And I will try my level best to do so.

But for those of you who follow this blog via email (and outside of my real-world and my twitter-world), I’d really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill this form out – to help me understand what my (dozen or so) readers like about the blog and what they might want to see more of.

(and if the form above doesn’t load, you can try this url)

P.S.: I have at least 5 post lined up for the next few weeks (assuming I don’t cook or bake in the meanwhile) and some of them have pictures that I’m quite pleased with. So, please please please feel free to leave feedback (constructive or otherwise) on what you think about the pictures, when I do put those posts up.


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