Breakfast in a Cup

So, I’ve posted a recipe to make a cake in a mug. And I’m sure you drink your coffee out of a mug. Or your morning tea out of a cup. How do cupcake sized breakfasts sound? And no, I’m not talking about super-heavy muffins. I’m talking bacon and eggs.

I came across this utterly cute recipe called Bacon, Eggs and Toast Cups and was, of course, very very tempted to try it out.

I used some prosciutto I had at home, and the last three slices of bread I had. (I’m not entirely fond of buying loaves of bread at supermarkets or where ever else. My mum was visiting last week and brought some for my fridge. I needed to use it up, rather than throw it away.) And then, there were eggs. Some smoked cheddar. Some salt. And pepper. And all it took was 5 minutes to put together. And another 5 minutes in the oven, at 200 degrees celsius. And voils! One wholesome breakfast.

A glass of apple juice, while I was prepping breakfast. Two eggs with toast and some-yummy-form-of-pig. A nice strong mug of Kalmane’s Mysore Nuggets to end with. Oh, by the way, I think I have been well-Bangalorified now. I totally dig Kalmane’s coffee – the coffee shake at their store being outstanding and me having converted into a regular buyer of their coffee, the Mysore Nuggets variety being my personal favourite.

Pictures, aah well, they didn’t come out that great. And the blog that I picked the recipe up from has some really really nice pictures. However, don’t go by the unappetizing fare you see below. Trust me, this quick fix is abso-fucking-lutely crazy awesome!


One egg, of the two I cooked, was nice and runny. This one, was a little dry. You can cook the eggs to your liking. And then, instead of ham or bacon, you could use teeny bits of sausage (chicken or pork or turkey) or slices of turkey or bits of grilled chicken left overs from dinner or mashed potatoes (hash brown style) maybe… or a little bit of blanched spinach tossed around in some garlic and spice – Eggs Benedict style, just about anything, really!


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