Part Deux

So, this one’s a continuation of my 40 Days and 40 Nights post. Because I stopped at my birthday in that one. And that happened just a couple of weeks after my move. Long way to go, you guys! Keep reading! Like I said, Dear-Diary!

February was about more beer – Toit with @Calvinator18, where along with the Toit Red (which I was having for the first time, in all these visits to Toit) and every beer they had on tap (yes, I got quite drunk that night), we also had some crazy awesome chilli prawns – they’re called Prawns on Fire and rightly so! And the beefy loaded potatoes. I’d been told about those on my previous visits to Toit. But I’d never gotten down to ordering them. Fatty, happy goodness. In every single bite. Who am I to complain? 🙂


There was lots of Mallu food courtesy @MusicAloud aka @vip_nair at Cafe Malabar. Chicken Stew and Appams. Beef Fry. Parottas and too-hard-to-spell-so-I-forgot curry. 🙂

With Vipin and B’s help, I discovered a pleasant walk down a street in Kormangala that is lined with carts selling all kinds of vegetarian food, in the evenings – Chinese and Udipi and Rabri and Pav Bhaaji and Chaat and Soup and just about everything. The 99 dosas carts seemed the most popular. I haven’t really eaten at any of these yet. But I did get my hands dirty with some stuff off a 99-dosa cart in HSR, where B and I shared a regular masala dosa and then a Chinese dosa! The Chinese dosa was so bad it was good – stuffed with noodles that were tossed in desi masala and spring onions.


Oh! There was a bacon fest at Koshy’s one Sunday morning. Though I think that was the last weekend of January. Three plates of bacon (along with some fab mutton on toast, omelettes, coffee… the whole deal)! Gosh! I came home and didn’t move until 6 pm that evening. No kidding!

There was a quick bite at Krishna Cafe, off 80 ft Road, Kormangala, with Vipin one evening, where I had my first plate of mini idlis. 🙂


And then, Dad was in town a couple of days. We went to Fava, in UB City then. Posh place. Great wine. Amazing hummus. And some very tasty Lamb Shank and Cous-cous. Though, personally, nothing beats the lamb shank and cous cous at Zerza, in NYC.

Because my gas connection wasn’t up and running until the end of January and because I was still getting used to my new life in Bangalore, I ate out a lot. There were quick dinner dates at 100ft, sometimes. High Note, at others. Or then, this guy about 5 minutes of a walk from home who makes really good grilled sandwiches and serves awesome ginger soda.


While I was setting up, I had a choice: oven or microwave. I went for the former. Obvious reasons, for me. Though I’m pretty sure there’d be a lot of people who would’ve just preferred a microwave. I also figured it takes a little while to get used to new ovens. I remember struggling as I moved to using our ancient shoe-box-sized oven in Pune over the typical American cooking range and oven set-up in NC. And now, it’s me getting used to my Morphy Richards one, here in Bangalore. It is taking a while, I will admit. But I’ll be there.

Cooking has been picking up since, a few good curry recipes tried, some cream and mushroom pasta (which was an idea I’d always had, but I’d never cooked… and it was pretty good), babghanoush and shakshouka, two failed baking experiments – bagels and cookies, and one success with a quiche.

The end of the winter, in Bangalore, also involved me buying happy, coloured socks from Footsy.


And as I post this, today, it has been wayyyyy over 40 days. Cooking has been good. Baking will get better. Work is awesome and I will make sure I do what it takes to make it even more awesome. And it’s high-fucking-time I posted some recipes.


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