Secret Santa

Yeah yeah yeah. It’s wayyy past Christmas. I should be talking about the Easter Bunny by now. But I was so tied up with my move to Bangalore and the news about the move, before that, and settling down, after that, I completely forget to post pictures of these beauties!


(with a little note and everything! *sniffle* )


Six beautiful pint glasses. Complete with that gorgeous Doolally logo!!

And six coasters, witty and very very creative, highlighting the history of beer.


Turns out the guys at @godoolally were my Twitter Secret Santas – Oliver Schauf and @suketutalekar. Part 2 of the gift was me getting free beers if I showed up there with the glasses. Well, I did try showing up there one evening with @to_soham and @MaayiKaLaal, but we couldn’t ‘avail the offer’ because neither Suketu nor Zoeb were around that evening.

But then, I ended up being at Doolally again one afternoon when I met @aadisht and a bunch of his friends. And ended up drinking a bunch of free beers. 🙂 Suketu is an awesome awesome guy. Really. t

I was told that the glasses were delivered straight from the manufacturer to my house, the day after Christmas. And Suketu hadn’t even seem them, apparently. Those, AND the coasters.


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