Goa weekend

I was in Goa for a friend’s wedding party. We’re posh like that. *smug*
Soham and I were the only two people from work in Goa that weekend, so we did stuff by ourselves and showed our pretty faces only Saturday evening, when we were expected to be at the party.

Soham wanted to do a breakfast at Infantaria really bad, so we did that. I realized my poached eggs are far better. I also realized I should stop cribbing about food at some places being over-hyped. Or cook more.



We hung around at Little Vagatore one day and got asked if we’d like everything from joints to papad-bipad. We yapped up a guy called Sam who claimed he was from Australia. He had an adorable retriever and a hot firang wife to his credit. And the dog also got two bulls with nice long horns into a fight. We could’ve died.




We hogged on some prawn curry and rice over numerous bottles of King’s and other happy things… And got back to our rooms thinking of some intense communication skills involving Activas and people in Goa… And the blue guys from Avatar and their horse like pets… And I’ll leave it at that.

And while we waited on being asked to get to the venue of the party, we watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Wheee. Not.

The following morning was a customary lunch at Brittos – the sea food platter and some Fish Vindaloo. And then we went straight to Anjuna, where some more happy things made us order some more prawn curry and rice. That, followed by a ride back to the hotel thinking about Avatar horses and pony tails being magically connected to brakes of Activas and surreal mental-mechanical states of being and oh well, “Dynamatt teri meri jodi soniye… Long drive peh chal, chal, chal… Long drive peh chal mere naal soniye ni mere naal soniye!”



Right. That was two days of a breeze in Goa. And then we got back to work and continued to slog our bums off and live happily (kinda, may be) ever after.


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