The rest of my weekend in Bangalore

I was in Bangalore some time around mid October. But then work is work. And life is life. And blog is conveniently side-tracked.

And then, every once in a while, I decide to mass-post. So this is that.

Friday evening was at The Biere Club. Saturday afternoon was Toit.

Saturday evening, B and I drove to Nandita’s place for a quick dinner and some socialization. Yeah bitchezzzzzz. THE Nandita Iyer. @saffrontrail. Home. Dinner. Now ask me for an autograph.

Conversation was brilliant! I don’t think I’ve listened to people talk about such varied things and only listened. Dinner was simple, upma. Baby Atri was cranky. And Nandita made cinnamon rolls to take to her friends. And we took some to take home with us in the car. And boy, were they delicious or what! So I even got to eat saffrontail food. Ha! Haha!

Sunday, B took me to Blossoms Book Store. I walked down numerous aisles, pulled out heaps-worth of books, browsed, read and was so overwhelmed, that I bought nothing. I’m not complaining. Really. I met a cousin I had been consciously avoiding for about a year and half. Because my mum thought that was the good thing to do. May be it was. She called me girly because I hugged her at the end of our little lunch date at Plan B. And I don’t feel animosity towards her any more, really.

Plan B was the typical college beer pub kind of place. Floyd. Pitchers. Towers. And yes, an interesting menu. And an NC license plate, because that’s where the owner and his wife studied/worked at, apparently.

So, may be I don’t hate that place, after all. North Carolina, that is. Plan B was chilled out. Oh. I remember hot chicken wings and an option for extremely-fucking hot that I’m glad we stayed off. AAANNNNNNND bacon! Bacon wrapped sausages.

Plan B with B. Hee. (OK, and K.)

The evening ended at Aroy, with S showing up after a horrible week at B-school, and B and myself. Banana plaintain kebabs. Some soup. A Vietnamese lamb curry and rice.

There’s really not much to this post. It’s more of a ‘must-be-documented-for-the-sake-of-documenting’ thing. But I’ll be back with more food posts. God promise.


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