TJ’s Oktoberfest

All through October, TJ’s Brew Works at Amanora had special brews to celebrate Oktoberfest. They even had a new menu – sausages (that weren’t that great), sauerkraut (a lot of it, and some pretty good stuff), duck and pork and all sorts of things (I didn’t really end up going that often to have any of that), cheese platters and cold-cut platters. And of course, four new beers:
a dunkel, a spiced weiss, a bock and a premium lager. They also serve a stout with Belgian chocolate these days.

The beers, all very good, distinct flavours and extremely tasty. I really really like that place for it’s beers. I do.

(That’s @to_soham with two huge one-litre mugs of their bock.)

The cheese platter, oh well. May be they could have done better. The cold-cuts were pretty good. Both, complete with olives and gherkins. But then again, my food snobbery leads me to believe I have made better cheese and cold-cut platters at home. Sigh.

The Oktoberfest at TJ’s was quite cute, in that they had the waiters wearing suspenders and country hats (with a little feather sticking out of every hat) and carrying 4 or 5 or 6 huge-ass mugs around at any given point.

But then, I was also at Toit, in Bangalore, when they had *their* Oktoberfest happening. And the guys at Toit won hands down, in terms of the food.


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