Benne Dosas with @purisubzi

Shree Sagar (more famously, CTR), in Malleshwaram, right across from the Malleshwaram ground, serves the best dosas I’ve ever had.

Shree Sagar (CTR)
7th Cross, Margosa Road,

So, we’re walking past this huge playground with random announcements and crappy music and I’m asking @purisubzi what it’s all about and I look to my right as we approach a crowd of people and read, “Shree Sagar”. “Heehee,” I say, “What’s this?”

“This,” says B, “is where we’re doing breakfast today.”

I am so excited already. I know this is going to be great.

We make our way through a dozen people and are led to a table upstairs, you know those attached table-and-chair things that most college canteens are filled with? Yeah, those. I seat myself across the table from B and he says I just might have to move to his side, so that two other people can sit at the other side. A few minutes later, that is exactly what happens.

I don’t know what point B asks for the benne (butter) masala dosas at, really. I’m just too busy looking around and taking in everything the place has to offer – a family dressed like they’re at a wedding and enjoying everything that has been laid out at their table, a bunch of students gossiping, an old mustached waiter with a cloth slung over his shoulder, an elderly couple who huddle into the back of the restaurant and ask for food they’ve been ordering every Sunday morning, week after week, for years!

Two dosas arrive. They smell divine. The taste even better. They’re crisp, buttery dosas. But they’re not paper thin. They’re fluffy and soft and crisp, all at the same time. And I’m an instant fan. We ask for two more dosas.

And I watch the waiters briskly make their way past (and through) tables and people, managing nothing less than ten or twelve plates of dosas and idlis. I struggle to get a picture, but then everybody knows I’m not very good with that.

We eat two benne dosas each. And finish off with some filter kaapi. And I pay a little over a hundred and sixty rupees.

On my way out, I peek into the kitchen and attempt to take a photograph, but B advises me against it.

(I don’t want to spoil this post with a stupid image of piggy banks and fish bones, so just plain-text ratings on this one)

Ambience: 3/5 (See, I’d give it a 5/5 because I was expecting a simple place, clean and cramped, and that’s exactly what it was. But going by general poshness quotients that I tend to promote on the blog, 3.)
Food: 5/5 (I’ve only had the Benne Dosa and the coffee and I don’t think I’ll have anything else when I go there, the next time I *am* there. Benne Dosas at CTR for President!)
Service: 5/5 (I doubt we waited more than 5 minutes between any two items we ordered.)

There are Vaishalis and Roopalis and they are all very fine. But the Benne Dosas at CTR, if you haven’t had those, you’ve lost your opportunity to 20 minutes in Food Heaven.


4 thoughts on “Benne Dosas with @purisubzi

    • cookydoh

      Sigh. I was there only for a couple of days. Only so much I could cram in, no? Next time, MTR. And a bunch of other places also. πŸ™‚

  1. Silverlightgal

    There are many good places in Bangalore where you can get awesomely finger licking benne dose (pronounced dosei). Dad grew up in Bangalore and moved out many years later. During his college years, Vidyarthi Bhavan (ask B about it, he’ll know) was his favorite hangout. Sadly that place has deteriorated now. Not as good dosas as say 20 or 30 years back. Btw next time you must try these things: the Kannadiga version of bhelpuri, churumuri, Achar’s bhajjis, piping hot ambvade (at any streetside place), and Uphara Darshini’s KharaBhath. These are just some. The real list is endless πŸ˜€

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