Is Cinco de Octubre a thing?

Taco shells were bought.
Lettuce was chopped.
Some hung curd was beaten into sour cream.
Minced meat was cooked, in a VERY easy recipe I shall write below.
Guacamole and salsa were made.
Cheese was grated.
Tequila-based cocktails were drunk.

I was reminded of Taco Tuesdays, at grad school, sans the pitchers of PBR. Sigh.

(I need to take lessons in plating. Really, I do. Photography, also.)

Taco Shells:
I bought these from a store. I know there are recipes online, but I had neither the energy, nor the time.

Sour Cream:
You can use store bought sour cream. I just used some curd/yoghurt we had at home – strained it and let it stand for a few hours (in the refrigerator), to drain any excess water content. Then, I beat it until it was smooth and used it in the tacos.

Taco Stuffing:
1. Your choice of meat, minced. I made two bowls, one chicken, the other lamb.
2. Oil, to cook.
3. A lot of cumin powder
4. A lot of red chilli powder
5. Salt, to taste.
1. Heat some oil in a round bottomed vessel. Or square, or flat. As long as you know all the meat will stay in the vessel and you won’t create a mess.
2. Add the ground meat, when the oil is hot.
3. Add cumin powder, chilli powder and salt, to taste. I started with a bare minimum of the first two and the usual amount of salt I’d need for the quantity. And then I added more cumin and chilli powder as the meat cooked, tasting every couple of minutes or so, until I got the spice-level I wanted.

It works to make the stuffing nice and spicy. There are enough other things you will put into the taco to tone down the spice. So be quite liberal with your use of the two spices, is my suggestion.

Recipe be here.

Salsa Fresca:
1. Finely chopped tomatoes
2. Finely chopped onions
3. Finely chopped coriander
4. Some green chillies, finely chopped
5. Salt, to taste
6. A dash of lime

Putting everything together:
1. Hold the taco shell in your hand. Or set it out on a plate, if that’s how you like it.
2. Put in some minced meat stuffing.
3. Add a dash of the guacamole and/or the salsa.
4. Next, some sour cream.
5. Top it with lettuce and a little bit of cheese.

Or just about any order and combination of ingredients you like. I don’t think it matters.

Also, I think I just described the procedure to stuff a pani-puri as well.


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