Paris was full on -eries. Shops whose names ended with e-r-i-e. Fresh fruit stores, fresh meat stores, bakeries…
This post is about sweet little nothings (observations, if you prefer) that I just feel like putting up on the blog.

Billetterie : A ticket office

Brasserie : A restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting, which serves single dishes and other meals. The word brasserie is also French for “brewery” and, by extension, “the brewing business”.

Boulangerie : A bakery

Boucherie : A butcher shop (meat of mammals, including marine mammals, and birds). So, I’m assuming I’d get whale meat at a Boucherie and not at a Poissonerie. Teehee.

Charcuterie‎ : (not a kind of shop, duh!) Scrumdiddlyumptious ham and sausages and pates and other forms of preserved body parts of the pig. WE LOVE PORK!

(I picked this image off the web because I really didn’t want to do a pictureless post. Hee.)

Creperie : A sit-down restaurant or café or stall, serving crêpes as a form of fast food or street food.

Fruiterie : A fresh fruit store, or even a green grocer.

Gendarmerie : (Not a kind of shop, but the sight was interesting and I got home to my cousin’s apartment one evening and looked up what the cops on cool-ass mopeds were called) A military force charged with police duties among civilian populations.

Lingerie : (teehee… I really wanted to put this in… I won’t deny having seen some awesome lingerie stores in Paris, though!) dictionary definition – Women’s underwear and nightclothes.

Parfumerie : A store that sells perfumes/scents. The movie, anyone?

Patisserie : A bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets.

Poissonnerie : A store that sells fresh fish and seafood. What about turtles?


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  1. Vinay

    Hi.. A first time reader here 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts and have subscribed right away! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Keep up the good work!


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