The High Points of the Holiday

(This is something I found in my drafts, while clearing my mail out. Turns out, the night I flew from Paris to Istanbul, I wrote sweet nothings and saved them in my drafts folder… and then, completely forgot about having ever written them. How typical! No edits on this one, I promise!)

Shit shit shit. I broke Bharath’s (@purisubzi) Kwak glass. I got to the airport on time and carefully and checked in and everything was alright, until I sat down outside the gate I’m supposed to board at. *crunch*

I open my bag, and I’ve broken the glass. Fuck me. I’m going to get to Pune and try sticking it up with some glue and then go ask someone if they can make a glass just like it for a few hundred rupees, may be.

I really wanted to give him this. How utterly careless of me.

(Turns out he loved the beer, anyway. Yay!)

Maybe Didi (my cousin) was right when she said “Be careful!” Heh. I’m such a moron. And I still have the bruise from the fall in Bruges. Sigh.

I have come to the end of the two weeks I had been waiting for so bad. I’ve had a beautiful time. And I have so many blog posts to write. I’m going to take this time I have, the awake time, to read – to finish Following Fish and perhaps, get re-started on Gay Bombay. And to write everything I want to write on my blog.

And I might start with the end. I don’t know. The end isn’t here yet. I still have a few hours in Istanbul. So then, may be I should start with Barcelona. Or just that conversation that I had with Didi on the train about the top three things of this holiday.

The High Points of the Holiday
1. The climbs to the tops of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Belfort Church in Bruges (quite literally)
2. The evening at Mont Martre and the church atop it.
3. The tapas in Barcelona
4. Biking through Bruges, light rain, cobblestone streets, stopping for beers, gorging on Flemish food

Would I do a trip like this again? Yes.
Would Paris be on it? May be.
Would Barca be on it? Yes, but with my choice of friends.
Would Bruges be on it? Yes.

And I will budget better (and more) for a trip of this nature, again. I will.

(And this, my favourite picture from the trip!)

(I still need to write my Istanbul post. Sigh!)


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