I’ve been having mixed feelings about things at work, and when the mind and heart feel borderline-depressed, I read. And I make silly things on weekends.

So, I made a beer book. And ordered Gastropolis, Food and New York City (Thank you, @aadisht) AND Comfort Me With Offal.

Comfort Me With Offal is brilliant and hialrious! I hope to get started on Gastropolis this weekend.

And my beer book… well, it’s a collection of all the labels and crowns I’ve collected over the past year. 34 varieties of beer. Quite an accomplishment. And a LOT of money.

And when I was done making it, I felt foolish. I wished I had started collecting crowns and labels back in 2008, when I was in USA. I would’ve gotten to 60 or 70, I’m sure.


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