Marghi na Farcha

Farcha, in Gujarati are pieces (of paper) and I’d like to support a lot of good people in their belief that the farcha came wayyyyyyyyyyy before KFC. So fried chicken, Parsi style, is awesome. Beyond awesome.

1. Boneless breast pieces of chicken, butterflied or cut into smaller (flat), manageable pieces
2. Red chilli powder
3. Turmeric powder
4. Ginger-garlic paste
5. Lemon juice
6. Fresh coriander leaves, roughly ground to a paste
7. Salt, to taste
8. A cup of Bread crumbs or corn flakes (or more, if needed)
9. 1-2 eggs, well-beaten (or more, if needed)
10. Oil, to deep fry (or shallow fry)

1. Rub the chicken pieces with a mixture of the salt, lime juice, the red chilli powder, the turmeric powder, the ginger-garlic paste and the coriander leaves.
2. Marinate for a couple of hours.

3. Dip pieces in the egg and roll them in breadcrumbs so that all the pieces are covered with the crumbs.
4. Heat sufficient oil in a kadai and fry the pieces until golden brown or shallow fry them on a pan.

There’s no real need for a chutney with these, because they taste pretty great just as they are.
Also, all the masala is to-taste. I read a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe online, and fashioned my own out of it.

Extremely simple and super effective. And goes so so so so so well with margaritas. 🙂


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