The weekend I made that shrimp pickle, I also had a really awesome dinner.
Ginormous prawn marinated in tandoori masala and grilled.
And patra ni machchi.

I’m surprised at the size of that thing. A certain @akshayvidwans said I was being cruel by not letting sea creatures breed. I agreed. When I was little, I was told that months that have an ‘r’ in them (September through April) are good for seafood. The other months, not so good. And then, when I grew older, I learnt, it is when fish breed. And why kill fish then, when they’re actually helping by giving you more catch later in the year.

But fish cravings are fish cravings. And sometimes, it is about survival of the fittest (and the hungriest and the richest and the spoilt brat).

(the mother holding a specimen, for a photograph and some perspective)


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