The Westin Sunday Brunch

Easter Sunday, the extended family and I went out for brunch. We paid Rs 1250/- per head for the food. And Rs 599/- per head for cocktails.

The Westin, Pune
36/3-B, Koregaon Park Annexe,
Pune 410001

The meal started off with mediocre kebabs that the waiters served us.
Then came the real deal.
A sushi counter.
A station for cold cuts, cheese and salads.
One for grilled meats.
A whole section for Indian food.
Another section for South East Asian cuisine.
And about 4 kinds of cocktails to pick from.
About four dozen different kinds of dessert.
Coffee, at the end.

Special moment: My mum tried sushi for the first time. And liked it.

There were only two kinds of fish sushis: a salmon uramaki (rice on the outside, nori on the inside) and a shrimp-and-avocado sushi (with nori on the outside). And then, there were some vegetarian varietes (!!) with carrots and french beans. (more !!) Yay to Jainism!

There were a few sauces: wasabi, an orange sauce (I forget the name, the chef told me what it was), soy and then wasabi + mayo and orange sauce + mayo. Whoever eats those!!!

Pickled plum. And pickled ginger.

Posh moment: Cold cuts.

Everything. From those chicken roulade rolls stuffed with plums to a sea food bar to a couple of different kinds of ham and salami. Tenderloin and some smoked salmon and grilled quail (alright, not all of that comes under cold cuts, but it was all at the same station).

Then there was some delicious roasted leg of lamb along with some pretty decent steak and some really really really succulent pork. Not to forget, a variety of breads. In the cheese selection, they had gouda, emmental and cheddar.

(My apologies for the shadow of my fingers in the picture. I can’t care enough to edit. Does it kill the alleged and assumed beauty of my blog?)

Happy moment: When the chef asked me how I liked the sushi and offered to make me some Pad Thai for my main course.

Dessert was pretty much everything you can ever think of. A variety of pastries and flavoured cheesecake. Mousse. Panna Cotta. Ice cream. Brownies. Macaroons. Fresh fruit and cream. Gulab jamuns. Rasgullas. Mithai. Jello.

Of course, I understand that buffets at big hotels must cater to all kinds of visitors. And in that respect, they need to take care of the general taste. It could’ve been better, no doubt. But whatever they *did* have was great.

We spent a good four hours there. And I enjoyed every fucking minute.

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