How February flew by and other things…

My timeline on Twitter gives me enough food for thought. Among the tonne of articles I mark favourite every day, and that feature as part if my bed-time reading was this one about Food Blogging.

I know my last post was about having been absent. So that’s that. *hangs head in shame*

Sometime around the end of January, I turned a year older. My parents and I went to Terttulia at Koregaon Park, here in Pune for a nice dinner. I must mention that we attended my mum’s friend’s daughter’s wedding reception before dinner. Well, she used to be my friend when we were in middle school. But now, she’s my mum’s friend’s daughter. Because we grow up, and things like that. We were the first to get to the venue and the first to sneak out. We even had our “Oh, yes, yes. We already ate! Very tasty food! Who are the caterers?” lines ready, in case we were caught leaving that early.

I really really wanted to eat at Prego, Westin. And we had Malaka Spice and it’s winter menu as our back up plan. We finally settled for Terttulia because my dad didn’t want to drive two more kilometres and he couldn’t care that it was his only human child’s birthday. But he’ll go that extra mile for the dog, an extra ten miles. *grumble*

Cheers to the birthday girl!

Dinner was a whole lot of appetizers. And a whole lot of cocktails. My mum got tipsy and nearly tripped on her way out. My parents discussed a couple of boys to check if I was interested in them and whether they would make good husband(s) for me. We packed up some dessert for the grandparents and returned home, like stuffed animals (yes, the kinds kid cuddle in bed at night with).

Mushrooms stuffed with feta and olives

I also had a few friends over that weekend, for a little house party. The kitchen is finally complete and we resumed our cooking duties in it. No, it was not a birthday party. And I make it a point to mention that every time I talk about it. There were chicken kebabs and grilled fish. And I’d ordered some mutton biryani. And then, there was a lot of alcohol – a dozen bottles of beer, a bottle of tequila, a bottle of Amarula, a couple of quarters of rum, a bottle of vodka and some other stuff.

Tequila and Blue Curacao

February flew by in bathroom renovation. I secretly think my grandmum is right about my mum re-doing the house: She’s pretty keen on getting me married and needs the house to look attractive to the family I’m going to marry into. And much as some part of me may be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for it, a small part of me is not. But why delve into that? I would’ve if this were a matrimony blog.

Oh, we did a brunch at The Courtyard Marriott at Hinjewadi a few weeks ago and I was floored by the cold cuts and the availability of bacon, olives and meat-based cold salads. It was a pleasure to eat good pork and beef, in Pune. It was. It’s something I miss from my life else where – the non-Indian food.

Another visit to Doolally when @purisubzi was in town. And, look what he got me for my birthday!!!!!!

Dad and I did a couple of brunches at By The Way, which, as it turns out, isn’t half as awesome as I had imagined it would be. My poached eggs are far better.

I bought a Wine decanter/aerator from Fab and I can’t wait to have a little wine and cheese party. Too bad I might have to do it alone, because I don’t know people who might enjoy one. Or may be I should ask @KDProQuo.

(picture from because mine’s still on it’s way…)

I was busy reading when I wasn’t driving my mum around town looking for tiles and bathroom fittings or drinking. I *did* bake apple cupcakes and I made dinner Saturday nights. But more on that in dedicated blog posts. Now, with all that happening, you wouldn’t blame me for not posting, right? Good. 🙂

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