The Malaka Spice Virgin

@NikWits is a loser. Because he’s never been to Malaka Spice before. Well, he hadn’t until I decided to teach him what good living is all about.

A day off work. And a fantastic afternoon at Malaka Spice.

Appetizers. Stella Artois. And a whopping bill.

Malaka had a scrumptious Winter Menu this time around (along with their regular menu).

We started off with Marital Prawns and Wild Pepper Leaf Mutton from their winter menu. I swear I hadn’t read this Tossed Salad post then.

The Marital Prawns were batter fried chunks of a butterflied prawn topped with a piece of chicken. Hence, marital.

The Wild Pepper Leaf Mutton was tasty but a little weird in that it was a little salty and was essentially kheema wrapped in paan leaves. The kheema and the paan just didn’t seem to work together, at least for me and the person I lunched with.

We ordered Lamb Chops and Chicken Momos from the regular menu because the lunch-companion had never eaten momos in his life! Shame on him!

The lamb chops were the finest I’ve had in the past few months. And the momos, I enjoy the Rs-60-for-6-pieces momos just as much as the Rs-three-hundred-and-something-for-6-pieces. In fact, the sauces that we’re served with the momos at that little shop close to home are far better. The momos at Malaka Spice were served with an Onion Sauce which they claim was really awesome, but it just didn’t work for me. But then, again, momos are yumminess even without a sauce.

Oh yes, the Marital Prawns came with a fantastic and spicy sauce that we ate the momos with.

I’m glad he enjoyed the lunch, unlike our dinner at Kiva Ivy a few weeks ago which was quite a disaster, in terms of the food we had ordered.

Malaka Spice has some really good corporate discounts (neither of us was eligible for them). And some crazy cheap Happy hours.The only issue I have is that Happy Hours last from 4 pm to 8 pm. Turns out, that afternoon most of our drinks weren’t in the Happy Hour slot (lunch time is more like 2 pm to 4 pm and not so much 4 pm to 6pm, right?). And having to pay a little over four grand for lunch, when it’s not a super special occasion… that just gives me heartburn.


2 thoughts on “The Malaka Spice Virgin

    • cookydoh

      Hey Shantanu, Small world, isn’t it? And the things that usually bring people to realize that is alcohol or food. It’s happened to me on numerous occasions. Glad to know you liked the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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