The Burger Barn Cafe

People I used to (and possibly still do) interact with on Twitter have been walking into my real world since June 2011. I let them. And while some of them ended up being the kind who I could’ve done without, I’ve come to respect and absolutely adore some of them. @KdProQuo most definitely comes under the latter set of people.

I LOVE hanging out with him. We drive home from work together on Tuesday, sneak eat momos, drink on weekends ever so often, listen to classic rock, trip on dil-ka-darwaja-khulla-hai-raja-esque songs and open our hearts out to one another (every once in a while).

One afternoon early December, I stormed off to work in a hurry and was starved by lunch time. I usually eat an extremely heavy breakfast/brunch/lunch at 10 am before I leave for work. It keeps me going until about 2 pm when I eat a couple of fruits at work. But Wednesday, no, I needed lunch. And my man, KD came to the resque rescue (Did I just spell that as ‘resque’? Jesus! The effect work has on me, sometimes!).

I picked him up from work and we drove down to Koregaon Park, knowing that Burger Barn is somewhere there. We spent some twenty minutes driving in and out of lanes on North Main Road only to be told that the place we were looking for is on South Main Road.

The Burger Barn Cafe
Lane 5, South Main Road
Koregaon Park

(You need to go all the way down Lane 5, if you start at North Main… ALLLLL the way down to South Main. It’s right next to Terttulia’s, just so you know. It’s called Sanas Chowk, the little crossroad where Burger Barn is at. Right across from Cozy Inn. You know now. :))

We walked into an extremely red cafe. And by extremely red, I mean EXTREMELY red. Red compound walls. Red umbrellas. Red menu cards. Even the pictures that I took that afternoon looked all red from the red reflection of red everything around.

On entering, you also see a blackboard with the day’s specials… and something called a WTF Burger. And it’s three hundred and fifty rupees. That DEFINITELY seems like something I’d like to try. But when I’m mentally prepared for it and not just when I’ve showed up at Burger Barn for the first time in my life and could really do with some good lunch. Oh well, by that logic, I shouldn’t have ordered what I ordered. But honestly, no regrets. Read on.

KD ordered his favourite Barn Italiano Burger. A chicken patty with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and herbs in a burger bun.

I couldn’t decide between the Barn Fiery Fillet Burger and the Barn X-treme Burger. I ended up having the Barn Fiery Fillet Burger. Easiest and cheapest way to turn into a fire breathing dragon. And as far as training me goes, that’s not too difficult. That burger was insane. A basic chicken patty. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Onion. Some mayo. And a shitload of the hottest sauce ever. When the burgers were served at our table, a little bit of the spicy sauce tempted me by showing it’s pretty face from under the burger bun. And I tasted it. Just a milligram of it. It was shocking. KD agreed too. And then, like it was my life’s only mission, a matter of life itself and all my pride, I proceeded to eat that devious little creation. Of course, a can of 7 Up kept me company. That and a bottle of water. And KD.

My lips burned. My eyes were watering. My nose runny. I was probably red in the face and the ears from all that heat. My taste buds went numb after a bit, I think. Every couple of minutes, I pulled out some tissue, wiped my fingers clean and pulled out another tissue to make sure my nose wasn’t leaking. And the only worry I seemed to have was of the following morning – in the bathroom. I don’t want to get into details here, but let me just assure you I was fine. Ok, that and this fear that I’d stick my finger up my nose or into my eye and spend the rest of the day with my insides burning.

We ordered the Ultimate Fries as well. French fries, seasoned with red chilli powder and sprinkled liberally with grated cheese, fried onions and a tasty cheese-based sauce. But I think the spice on my fiery burger didn’t allow my taste buds much fun for the fries.

I need to have the WTF Burger and the Barn X-treme Burger, you know. Here’s what the menu says about the latter:
“Seasoned mozzarella cheese sandwiched between two chicken patties topped with seasoned chicken, salami, more cheese, egg and sauteed mushrooms. Served with extra tissues!”
I need to bring out the man in me. Errr.. the two elephants, forty men, whatever.

The burgers are priced at Rs 80/- on an average, the Barn X-treme Burger being Rs 150/-, on account of the amount of stuff that goes into it. If you’re wondering that Burger Barn is expensive, I’d suggest you put those thoughts away. I usually eat two burgers and small fries (or a Maharaja Mac and medium fries) at McDonald’s to be that full. And at McDonald’s that would work out to Rs 120/-, at least. So that’s the math, right there. *beams*

KD paid some Rs 260/- for the food. And then shelled out some more for the aerated drinks.

The menu said the food would take about 45 minutes to arrive. It took five. May be they meant 4-5. Heh. No, we just went at a relatively chilled out time of the day. Besides, the guy who made my burger didn’t really have much work to do. Bun + patty + a bottle of the special hot sauce. Done. No, jokes apart, I loved the place. Despite the redness. And I’ve been there four times in the past month already.

On those visits, I’ve had the following:
The Barn Sausage and Salami Salad – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and lots of sausage and salami with a dressing of your choice (thousand island, mayo, garlic mayo, chilli mayo, olive oil). Yours truly picked olive oil. We eat healthy like that. *smug*

The Barn Ultimate Fries (again because I could barely taste them the first time around, and trust me, they’re good) – with the caramelized onions and the truckloads of cheese and that dash of garam masala/chilli powder.

The Barn Mushroom Caps – Garlic flavoured deep fried mushroom caps, much like the Garlic Mushrooms at The Place and/or Zamus, but served with a choice of mayo – chilli mayo/garlic mayo.

The Barn Xtreme Burger

Two patties of chicken, gooey mozzarella sandwiched between them, a double fried egg, salami, shredded (seasoned) chicken, sauteed mushrooms… all that… to be eaten with a fork and knife, please. Eating this made me believe I could handle the five-patties-two-sausages-lots-of-salami-and-everything-else of the WTF burger. *rolls up sleeves*

The Barn Hot and Crispy Burger – A chicken fillet, coated with a spicy batter and deep fried, with lettuce, some veggies and garlic mayo. A good burger this one.

Mega Barn Burger – A chicken patty, some salami, a double fried egg and cheese. Almost
a less filling version of the Xtreme Burger.

Oreo Shake

Oh well, oreos and icecream and milk, blended. How bad can that get?

Their Tartar Sauce is nice and chunky, quite different from the Tartar Sauces I’ve had at a few other places in Pune, and somehow, more authentic.

Only possible downside: they do not serve beef and pork. But for that, there’s Burger King. 🙂

Oh, they also have hookahs, I just couldn’t be interested. 🙂 Why hookah when bhookha. Alright, I should end this post.

So, for ratings:
Food: 5/5
Ambience: (It doesn’t matter, really.)
Service: 5/5 (You need to place your order at the cash register and state your table number when you do. Yep, they take only cash. The food has never taken more than fifteen minutes to arrive. And I like that. A lot.)

I love the variety at Burger Barn, I do. And what is awesome is, it isn’t just about burgers. They have sides and hot dogs and shakes. And oh boy, I’m *so* taking that WTF Challenge soon!


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