Arc Asia and the Swarathma gig

Diwali week was filled with everybody visiting their parents in Pune, while all yours truly really got was a day off on October 26th. October 25th was Thousand Oaks with the gang I went to Doolally with (plus one person, minus some others).

And October 28th, I had a plan for Shisha with a friend of friend (now, friend) from undergrad. Turns out, I figured Swarathma was playing at Arc Asia Friday night. Some google-mappage revelead that Arc Asia is at ABC Farms. Where Shisha Cafe is too. The boy was asked if he was interested. Affirmative. And it happened.

The usual: get off work at 8:30 pm. See said person for dinner by 9. Have a good time. Drive home. Sometimes I wonder why I crib about work at all. (please see relevant sections of this post)

Rs 300/- per person as cover charges. Not bad. And I wasn’t carrying enough cash on me. It was almost a get-the-guy-to-pay moment. Turns out that’s what happened after all. But some boys are nice. So I shouldn’t worry about it too much.

It’s been so long since this post was due. I don’t remember the names of the things we ordered. And the friend paid, so he has the receipt (if at all) from dinner that night. And I’m too lazy to ask him.

For appetizers, there was a dish in prawns and one in chicken. The prawns were stuck into really long tooth picks and that made them look a little weird. But who am I to comment on aesthetics and plating…

Both appetizers were good. I’m mildly adjective-challenged, am I not? Everything I like is good or nice or tasty. And I call this a food blog. Hah! All I’ll really say is that what I ate was good. Ok. Lame attempt. I think I liked the chicken over the prawns. They were almost Tangdi kebabs, marinated in a green paste, very coriander-y mint-y, if you ask me. Served with sliced onions and green chutney. Yay! The prawns were just about alright. Their name suggested South-East Asian. But they tasted very ‘fusion.’ South-East-Asian-Goan-Punjabi, if I may.

The main course comprised Massaman Curry and Lemon Herb Rice. A basic thai curry with chicken. And yumminess for the herb rice. I really badly wanted to have the jasmine rice. But a face was made at my suggestion. SO we settled for the non-girly lemon-herb rice.

I wasn’t really happy with the service, though. The food took too long to arrive. The waiter boy forgot to serve us the second appetizer altogether! In their defence, it was gig night. But they should be better staffed and more prepared on nights like these, in my opinion.

(I wish I had a little icon for service. A dancing waiter or a stumbling waiter. Or maybe a .gif. Heehee. That would be supremely cute! Yes, adverbs and adjectives are not my forte. I cannot stress on the fact enough.)

There was rum and coke and good food and good music – a tad too loud because it’s a small place, but what the hell. I enjoyed myself. I hope the friend did too.

Oh, also, here‘s a nice review of Arc Asia I found on the web.

And here are pictures of the evening on thetossedsalad.


2 thoughts on “Arc Asia and the Swarathma gig

  1. Siva

    Another lovely post (yes, your dear readers are also adjectivally challenged)…

    As far as this is concerned -> //I wish I had a little icon for service. A dancing waiter or a stumbling waiter. Or maybe a .gif. Heehee.//

    you may try this -> or if you don’t need an animated one..this ->

    & might want to call it Pannier or something…You might want to check out the meaning of that word here…No. 3 under Webster’s Dictionary->

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