Hidden Place

Two young men at my workplace (and one is even younger than I am) are getting married this month. To different women, of course. ZOMFG! I’m so funny!

Gera Legend  N Main Rd,
Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001

The boss very graciously threw a bachelors’ party for them. And us. I am (was) this angel, at work. Very quiet. Always doing my stuff. Not quite socializing yet. And nobody at work is aware of the volume of alcohol I am capable of consuming. So, I drank like a boy and had a good buzz going. But then, I was the only girl who drank that much and the older boys (including my boss) got worried and made sure one of the boys dropped me home. Terribly sweet of them. Anyway, that said, I arrived at work the next morning only to be asked a million times by every single guy at work if I got home safe the previous night. (No, I died on the way. My ghost just walked in to work. Also, before you get your concerned asses on me, yes, I know what they did was right and out of concern, but a million times? The same question? Patience no be virtue.)

Hidden Place. IS AWESOME. It beats Toons’ ass any day! Toons, that shady underground pub on MG Road – the one we used to throng as undergraduate students for cheap beer, great music and fries? I’m officially a yuppie now, so I have a higher spending (and drinking) capacity. And anyway, the boss was paying. Hah! About 15 drinkers and a few non drinkers. Some sixty shots of tequila. Three beer towers. A couple of bottles of wine. Some whisky, from what I remember. Vegetarian platters. Non vegetarian platters. And a whopping bill we didn’t need to give a fuck about.

The food is good. The non-vegetarian platter (because I didn’t care enough for the vegetarian one) comes with at least thirty pieces of meat – grilled prawns, seekh kebabs and an assortment of tikkas. And it’s about Rs 395/-, if I remember right. That’s dirt cheap, if you ask me. (This one other time I was there, more recently, we ordered a beer tower, fried chicken and nachos with salsa and queso. The fried chicken was yumminess. The salsa was hopeless. The queso was even worse. So, well, I’ll say the food is good.)

The music is fantastic. They play good rock. Popular rock. And later into the night, they place classic rock. Which works for me. Works very very very well for me.

The ambience is shady (with the safety factor… trust me, you can tell!). A dim lit bar. Quotes on table mats. Album art. And a few TVs for the sports bar feel. I wish they had a graffiti wall. Every time I think of getting very drunk, I imagine a graffiti wall. I see the workaholic in Bangalore and me writing Sorrow on the wall – like we did one sober afternoon at this shady little joint called SMS.

And I might have been judged that night and possibly the next morning (or may be it’s just in my head). But the following week and onwards, I have friends at work. Dev guys who make jokes with me like they do with other dev guys. And UX kids who think I’m fun to hang out with (and have been partially responsible for subsequent visits to Hidden Place).

Other observations:
Besides the usual beers on tap, which they serve in the beer towers, they also have Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Murphy’s Irish Stout and even Chi-fuckin-may! And at prices more reasonable than Malaka spice (where I paid Rs 500/- for 330 ml of Stella).

And for those who like stuff other than beer, such as an ill(ish) @KdProQuo on a Tuesday evening, there is brandy. There’s also the usual vodka and whisky and rum. So it’s fun. Go. And let me know the next time you’re there.


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