The trip has been made. And boy, has it been enjoyed, or what!

I’ll start from the beginning.

The man who has taken it upon himself to show me the path of life, KD, texted me during the week that a plan was in the offing. Excitement, already!

Come Saturday and we got into his car and drove to the other end of town. We got lost on the way, took several wrong turns and finally made it. October 8th is a dry day. Apparently, October 2nd through October 8th is a dry week. Or it used to be. And then they re-worked the dry-day-law to keep it just those two days. Why? More importantly, since when?! I’ve never heard of Gandhi-mourning-week. Yeah, great man and all that, but what has that got to do with a whole fucking week of no alcohol? It’s not a law! It’s criminal!

Four dejected souls drove all the way back, lunched at George and pushed the plan to Sunday.

A reservation was made. The fact that Sunday was not a dry day was doubly confirmed. And off we went again. We got there sooner. We kept calm. And it almost felt as if the whole universe had conspired to not let us have fun on Saturday. But all is well that ends well.

Doolally is awesome! For the beers!

Turns out, they also go by Sam’s Bar and Grill AND 1st Brewhouse. I have no idea why.

I liked the indoor seating over the outdoor seating. But two little girls (yes, like, seven year olds) had just had their birthday party inside. And outdoor seating was all they had to offer. What kind of lame parents celebrate kiddie birthday parties at a brewery?

Outdoor seating was a little off until the beer arrived. I was constantly aware of this lingering smell of food, almost as if I were right outside the back end of their kitchen. Oh well, I was ok when the beers came and the conversation began.

Starting September 23rd, Doolally began happy hours from noon until 8 pm. That’s more like happy hours during a regular work-day. Monday through Sunday. Regular pints are Rs 100/-, English pints Rs 227/- and pitchers Rs 536/- at normal price. Happy hour prices are Rs 70/- and Rs 100/- for regular and English pints respectively. Quite cheap, no?

And yes, three litres of beer going into my system, happy hours work perfect for me.

We didn’t really order food because we’d all lunched before we got to Doolally. So I’ll talk only about the beers.

The Smoked Ale. Apparently, they call it the Bob Barley Beer. The German name for smoked ales is Rauchbier. The smoked flavour comes from the malted barley being dried over an open flame. Interestingly, in modern times, malted grain is dried in kilns instead of open flames. Wikipedia tells me that the kiln method shunts the smoke away from the wet malt. Thus, the smoky flavour is not imparted to the grain, nor to the subsequent beer. That’s what makes this beer special. They used 17th century drying techniques. It’s a crazy, dark(ish) beer. And yes, the smokiness is very prominent. I could be munching on bacon and drinking this beer and living the happy life.

The Hefeweizen. Good old German wheat beer. The cloudy appearance of the beer comes from the yeast not being entirely filtered out. A slight after taste of bananas, which I could tell and thoroughly enjoyed. Very very good wheat beer. My only problem was that it came with too much head. No laughs. And that’s not how I learnt to have my Hefeweizen’s. I miss M.

Bohemian Pale Ale. A cross between an ale and a lager, which is difficult for me to figure – I know ales and lagers are different in that the former is top fermented and fermented at higher temperatures, while the latter is bottom fermented and at (relatively) lower temperatures. I did a little bit of reading and I figured that Bohemian Pilsners are made using “noble” Saaz hops. Saaz hops impart a mild flavour (and an almost herbal aroma) to beers. While they may not rate high on bitterness quotient, they sure do a good job in the taste department.

Apple Cider. It was served cold. The few times I’ve had apple cider, it has always been served warm. So this was a little strange. It was alright. I had it only in the beginning, as a taster. We never ordered any of it through the evening.

Everytime I think of good beers, I really really *do* miss M. He got me started on drinking good beers. And he’d be so proud to see me enjoying them, here in India too. I remember the last two times I met him in Raleigh. Beautiful, beautiful evenings, both. *sniffle* Back to Doolally.

Mild bummers to the evening:
One. They weren’t serving fries. How can one not serve fries at a place that sells beers?
Two. They charged us for 7 pints more than we had ordered, apparently. Of course, I was too drunk to count. Or think. I just know we were charged extra because I was told so.

There *were* fries. I just didn’t know.

Cute boys were met. New friends were made. And a ton of fun was had.


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