The Place – Touché the Sizzler

The one thing I had wanted to do since I got back – eat at The Place (Ti Jaaga as @BziB put it one time and almost gave me a seizure from laughing too hard. Marathi. Ti Jaaga. The Place. Yes, come back when you’re done laughing too.)

7, Clover Centre,
Moledina Road,

My dad isn’t too fond of Sizzlers. My mum and I *love* them. If Saturday nights aren’t great-food-great-alcohol at home, it usually means we’re out for dinner. And if my dad is out of town on work, it’s just the mother and me. And that’s when we go to places he would’ve given a miss. The Place, being one. Chung Fa, being another. I think this has something to do with the fact that I studied at St. Mary’s. For those of you who know Pune, you know just what I’m talking about.

This was one of those nights. Getting work done in and around the cantonment: getting dupattas dyed, buyng fabric for kurtas, walking down MG Road just because. And dining at The Place. Mum and I.

We started off with the oh-so-famous Garlic Mushrooms. Button mushrooms, coated with a batter of bread crumbs and eggs and deep fried to burn-your-tongue goodness. They’re served with French mustard, the kind I love, the kind that goes up to my nose. And a tartar sauce that is quite unlike the regular. To me, it’s a pretty, light pink sauce – just mayonnaise mixed with ketchup and garlic. But boy, is it good, or what! We ALWAYS order Garlic Mushrooms at The Place.

A Carlsberg kept me company. Not too bad a beer. Almost like apna good ol’ Kingfisher.

Mum ordered the fish and chips. Terribly small portion. Served with the conventional tartar sauce – relish, mayo, shallots based. All in all, it looked alright. No picture of the tartar sauce, my apologies. And sigh, for I just realized it’s Tartare Sauce and not Tartar Sauce. Tartar Sauce is what it’s called in American English.

I ordered the fish steak. Fantastic. Two filets of King Fish cooked perfectly well in win sauce and peppercorn. Yes, I could taste both, very distinctly. And for that, my happiness knew no bounds. Also served were a tonne of veggies and fries. My sizzler eating policy is such: eat the veggies first. Order no rice, it’s too filling. Then start off with the fries. Leave the meat for the end. That way, there’s no way you’re not going to finish an entire sizzler. You’ve got to eat the meat, right? That’s what you ordered the sizzler for, to begin with!

Mum asked for a Chicken Tikka Stuffed Naan later because she was still a little hungry. It was spicy. And tasty. Stuffed naans needs to be experimented with in the kitchen. Soon.

Why I like The Place:
It hasn’t changed in decades! I’ve had dinners there since I was ye little. The staff is the same. The old wooden struts on the inside are unchanged. The stained glass panels are as they have always been – red and yellow and blue – and giving the restaurant a quaintness (if that’s a word) of it’s own. The cutlery is the same. Their knives are SO good for steak-cutting. Ok. Their table napkins had smaller checks this time around. But there’s a warmth about the place that I absolutely adore. Almost crave, if I haven’t been there in too long.

What I didn’t like this time around:
My clothes ended up smelling of Indian food. And that is one thing I hate. Absolutely hate. It has never happened before with the food here. And I was upset about it.

The highlight of the dinner was this hunk of a Delhi boy who walked in a few minutes after we did. Black shirt. Chiseled features. Fair. All of that. Obviously, I only assume he was a Delhi dude because he looked so North Indian. And one is allowed to assume such stuff. I caught him looking at me a few times and it made me feel good. Works when you’re single and looking, right? *grin*


One thought on “The Place – Touché the Sizzler

  1. Brouhoho

    The Place is my favourite restaurant in Pune, possibly the world. The mustard there is to keel for! (Also, “Ti Jaga”! *snigger*)

    And whatay blog you have! Somehow never been here. Everything looks yum, and I love that it’s not just recipes.. Have to run off to work now, but I weel be back!

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