Polka Dots

Some people are back to being happy with life and everything that is happening to them and around them. And they’re loving every minute of it. And that’s why, they’ve also started going to lunch with friends who they’d distanced themselves from.

Gupta and I went to Polka Dots last weekend. Now, I’ve been driving the car around (finally) and I’ll admit I think I love the Pune traffic scene. It’s so atrocious, it just makes driving the car to work and every where so much nicer. I’m not sulking or cursing under my breath from riding the bike in horrible traffic. I’m in an air conditioned car, with good music and happy thoughts. Yay for me.

Polka Dots is a quaint, little place that opened up several years ago and dishes out some really good food. They haven’t expanded, in spite of the great business they get. You invariably need to wait about thirty minutes to an hour to be seated. They don’t have more than fifteen tables, as far as I know. That would be a seat capacity of about 50 people. Tops. Their kitchen is, essentially, just a really long counter behind which two men work diligently all day long.

Gupta saw the chef dude dish up some chicken in an orange sauce and serve it with spaghetti and he went a little ballistic. He’d die if he didn’t eat that for lunch. So, we had a “I’d like that chicken in orange sauce thingy” moment when the waiter came to take our order. Chicken Paprika, he was told.

It had been over three years since I had visited. The management hasn’t changed. The fat, cute, Mallu-looking ‘uncle’ with the Christian name (yes, I have forgotten his name!) still smiles at us happily when we asked to be seated.

I ordered the Fish and Chips. I’ve always liked them they way they’re served at Polka Dots. Fillets of fish, crisp on the outside, the batter with just a hint of pepper and fried golden brown. The fish, fresh on the inside. And just so beautiful. Fries. Who ever tires of fries, right? And the tartar sauce, scrumdiddliyumcious!

They serve a variety of pastas and salad and entrees – a lot of the so-called Continental cuisine. Why is called Continental anyway? What continent are they referring to? Europe? Or errr…. Continental Airlines? I must stop. They also serve some Indian food, as far as I know. I’ve never tasted it though – except this one time when another friend ordered Tandoori Chicken and proceeded to eat it with a fork and knife. Yes, I have weird friends.

Ever since I first visited Polka, about 6 years ago, my friends and I have died of chocorgasms EVERY single time we’ve eaten the Belgian Chocolate Mousse there. It used to be served in glass cups initially. It was served in a plastic cup this time. Not as if that mattered. Belgian Chocolate Mousse is Belgian Chocolate Mousse. Indulgent. Creamy. The kind where you shut your eyes and let the chocolatey goodness melt away in your mouth for every bite you take. And you know you’re talking about some REALLY INTENSE stuff when boys do that sort of thing.

The service is good. The food is great. For every time I’ve eaten there, at least. Price-wise, cheap. We paid Rs 650 /- for a very satisfying lunch. Last Sunday, when I visited, was a dry day and the times I’ve visited before, I was a student (and by that logic, chose not to spend money on alcohol because it wasn’t my money). So I’m not sure if they serve beers. I think they should, though. The crowd is usually urban crowd and not serving alcohol might not be a smart move. Unless, of course, they’re still doing fantastic business.

That said, it’s one of those places that’s definitely worth checking out if you have time on your hands and an afternoon to spare: to catch up with forgotten friends over good food and great conversation.

(Gaaah! I forgot to put my little foodobaggins.wordpress.com watermark on the pictures!)


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