Malaka Spice

Good food. Always. And great beers, this time.

Malaka Spice
Lane 5, Opposite Oxford Properties,
Off North Main Road,
Koregaon Park,
Pune – 411001

I’m usually fairly pro-active when it comes to ordering food. But I ended up spending some quality time waiting for a lady to get her ass out of the rest-room, so that I could use it! And the family ordered food in my absence. No regrets, though. It was good food. Also, my apologies for rest-room talk.

And they had Stella Artois and Hoegaarden on draught! ON DRAUGHT! Served in their respective glasses. 300 ml glasses. My happiness knew no bounds. And the waiter, a certain “The Bald and The Beautiful” Imtiaz (Yes! Our table had a little card with his name and picture and THAT printed on it) seemed concerned that my first and third beers were Stellas. He seemed to be in favour of the Hoe. No laughing.

The vegetarians, my aunt and uncle ordered out something called Top Hat, some grilled potatoes and something like a panini (obviously, I don’t remember what it was called), for appetizers.

The Top Hat was the crisp outside of a spring roll, stuffed with a tangy and spicy mixed vegetable mix and topped with sprouts. We weren’t aware of the stuffing at the bottom, so we added some green chillies to the sprouts before we popped the ‘hats’ into our respective mouths. And boy, we were in for a surprise! South-east Asian Paani Puri sans the Paani, but very very tasty, if you ask me.

The grilled potatoes were, well, grilled potatoes – served with peanut sauce. I’m not particularly fond of peanut sauce. Besides, the potatoes were ordinary. The panini thingy was pretty tasty too.

The non-vegetarian appetizers included some absolutely delicious Singapore Crab, a filet of King Fish that I didn’t get to taste (because my parents ate it all) and a really simple Shrimp recipe.

The crab came complete with the claws un-cut. I absolutely LOVE eating crab – cracking the claws open. Sweet meat on the inside. And the sauce that the crab was served with was perfect. A spice level just right to complement the sweetness of the meat. But as it always is with my crab-eating, I dropped some on my shirt. At a restaurant! White shirt! And I wasn’t even drunk! Woe is me!

The fish, shame on my parents! No one ever taught them how to share! The shrimp was cooked with spring onions, whole garlic, lemongrass. The simplicity of the dish just added a whole world of awesomeness to it, if you ask me.

My dad and my uncle ordered a few fancy cocktails and I’m sure they must’ve been good. Malaka Spice *does* serve great stuff. And with great service to match.

We kept the main course simple – Thai Green Curry for the vegetarians and a funny-named brown Chicken Curry for the others, with rice.

I’m not sure how much we paid because I didn’t get the chance to look at the bill. My uncle and my father were busy fighting over who should pay. But from dinners I’ve had at Malaka before, I’d say, they have a decently priced menu. About Rs 300/- on an average for appetizers, about Rs 300/- for curries. The beers were Rs 400/- each. But then, cocktails are about Rs 350/-, so that’s not really very expensive.

It’s definitely a place you want to go to if you’re a visitor. And it’s a place to frequent if you’re a resident. *beams*


5 thoughts on “Malaka Spice

  1. Siva

    “And they had Stella Artois and Hoegaarden on draught! ON DRAUGHT! Served in their respective glasses. ”

    If this line isn’t good enough for anyone to form an opinion about how classy this place probably is, i don’t know what is! That picture of a seductive Stella in her full royal glory neatly sums up this post as well.

    Btw, one q. “South-east Asian Paani Puri sans the Paani” means just the Puri with that stuffing?

    P.S: Bravo!, for having the gumption to start with rest-room talk…by the time one comes to the end of the post, one forgets the starting lines…oh wait šŸ˜€

    P.P.S: While a Stella can be a Hoe, a Hoe can never be a ok, joke.

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