Kiva Ivy

Third weekend in a row, where I’ve had at least one fabulous night – purely in terms of the food and alcohol I’ve had.

There was that night with the kebabs from Kareem’s and OD-ing on martinis. Then there was the night we scored free pizza. And this weekend, Kiva Ivy.

Kiva is possibly one of the best pubs in the city – great music, good food and amazing stuff from the bar.

Kivy Ivy is a relatively new branch that the guys who own Kiva have come up with. They claim they’re an Irish pub. One would expect to get a good fare of beers there, then. Sadly, that’s where they left me a little disheartened.

Kiva started out over half a decade ago, in Bhosale Nagar, in a building that looked like Fred Flintstone’s house. The first time I went there, possibly in my first year of undergraduate school, it was a small, cramped, dingy place that had the same awesomeness it has today – the food, the alcohol and the music. The music, though, was too loud. The tables, too close. And the person-to-person space at a single table too large.

Then, they opened up a Kiva in Koregaon Park – about four times the size of the first one. I remembered getting very very very badly drunk there in the summer of 2008, before I left for my masters’ program.

And now, in 2011, they have two more Kiva’s in the city and one Kiva Ivy. Clearly, they’re doing very well.

History class over.

Back to Friday night.

Extended family (well, almost) who I was meeting after about three or four years… Some people always hold a special place in your heart and your life, no matter how little you end up interacting with them… Let’s say *those* are the people I hung out with.

While flipping through the menu, my sister and I were mighty surprised that they have a Cigarette Menu here. I’ve never seen one before, in all my years of eating/drinking out.

The sister ordered a Shiraz. And she’s fancy, like that. So she put the waiter in a tight spot by asking him a bunch of questions about the wines they had. He was unable to answer them. Further disappointment was when we asked what craft beers they served. The young man seemed quite lost. We asked him if they had international beers. We got Foster’s, Corona and Heineken for an answer. And then, we asked him if he had beers that were not the regular stuff people order. He mentioned a couple of names with great difficulty. Murphy’s Irish Stout was just about the only one I could decipher. No, these beers weren’t on the Menu. Weird.

I ordered the stout. A lot of head. Very malty, I’m assuming – because it had a rich, almost-caffeinated after-taste. It took me back to the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout days. It was good. I could have done with colder beer, though. That done, I asked for a Kingfisher’s Ultra. DID.NOT.LIKE.IT. It gave me a mild Grad-school Budweiser feel. I really wish they served a larger variety of imported beers.

We were way too busy ordering out every appetizer on the menu and somehow I lost track of the names. But here’s a picture of some of the food and a happy ‘Cheers!’

There were kebabs and onion rings and more kebabs. And more alcohol. Cocktails. Because that’s what Kiva is great with.

My uncle ordered a grape juice (or something like it) that came in a salt rimmed martini glass and tasted absolutely delicious. We called for four more. And I spiked mine with rum. See below.

We paid close to 8k for dinner and drinks, which though a little on the expensive side, is completely and totally worth it. We’ve spent more money at Kiva when I was younger.

Four hours. At a bar. With family. Who woulda thunk? I love to hate my folks. But I love to love them too.


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