Free Pizza

Who doesn’t like ordering pizza? Every once in a blue moon? Or for some people, every other day?

And what’s better when you get free pizza (and you’re not in grad school)?

Right? You know exactly what I’m talking about.

We ordered in today – from Dominos. A medium chicken pizza and a small vegetarian pizza. And we actually thought that would food enough for three people! With that, I ordered a singular Butterscotch Mousse, the latest Dominos offering. The pizzas arrived sans dessert. So we sent the delivery boy back and asked him to get our dessert, while we proceeded to devour what had arrived. Turns out, both pizzas were vegetarian. So, I dialled the number of the Dominos outlet, all ready to fight and swear and intimidate, but the dude across the line saved me all the effort and promptly agreed to send me another pizza AND my dessert. Happy, I hung up.

My dad and I had another drink each. The delivery boy arrived. With dessert and no pizza. Our hearts sank a little and I proceeded to open a packet of chicken nuggets. And when the nuggets were just done, the door bell rang again. And there was the pizza. And some more dessert.

Look here now, we’re entitled to eat free pizza and not own up that we already had some dessert in the fridge. It was their fault. And they rectified it and also gave us added goodness (which, as it turns out was too sweet for my liking). It’s not corruption. We’re still honest, upright citizens of Mera Bharat Mahaan. Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.

(Yeah. I own one of those. It’s a fridge magnet. And boy, I’m so cool! I think I left it at G’s apartment in NJ when I moved back because this wouldn’t be fridge-worthy in a house where I live with my parents and grandparents.)


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